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Care for single ventricle congenital heart disease

Pediatric specialists at Dell Children’s Medical Center at Ascension Seton deliver care for babies with single ventricle congenital heart disease.

Ascension Dell Children'sHearing that your baby has a congenital heart condition can be overwhelming. But you’re in the right place, with pediatric specialists at the Single Ventricle Program within the Texas Center for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease at Dell Children's Medical Center at Ascension Seton in Austin, Texas. At the only comprehensive children’s heart center in Central Texas, your baby will be cared for by highly experienced and nationally recognized pediatric specialists and heart surgeons. Only in Austin. Only at Dell Children’s.

Your baby’s care starts the moment your child is diagnosed, whether they are diagnosed before they are born or after. If your child is diagnosed before delivery, we work with your OB-GYN and maternity care team to prepare for your baby’s arrival. Together, we create a labor and delivery care plan that includes advanced care for your baby.

Babies born with congenital heart disease receive 24/7 care by specialists at the pediatric cardiac care unit located within Dell Children’s Medical Center at Ascension Seton. Doctors and care teams in this unit are dedicated to delivering highly specialized heart care to infants.

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Understanding your baby’s heart condition

We start by listening to you and answering your questions – big and small. We make sure you understand your baby’s diagnosis and condition and explain what to expect as they grow. Most babies diagnosed with single ventricle heart disease need to have three surgeries:

  • The first, within a few days after birth
  • A second surgery, when they are 3-6 months old
  • And a third surgery, when they are 3-4 years old

You can rest assured that your baby will be cared for by experienced and nationally recognized pediatric specialists and heart surgeons. And our pediatric heart surgeons provide surgical care for even the tiniest patients. Our cardiac unit includes a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), cardiac catheterization (cath) labs, and more —  meaning your baby can get all the care they need in one place, only at Dell Children’s.

A multispecialty team caring for children with underdeveloped hearts

Your baby’s health is our priority. Our team meets regularly to discuss your baby’s progress, talk about what is going well, and set goals for the upcoming week. Before your baby leaves the hospital, we create a care plan to stay in close contact and monitor your baby at home and between surgeries.

Your child’s multispecialty team may include pediatric cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, pediatric heart surgeons, critical care specialists, hospitalists, anesthesiologists, perfusionists, nurses, advanced practice providers, social workers, psychologists, child life specialists, dietitians, physical and occupational therapists, pharmacists and more. We work together to deliver the care that’s right for your child – from diagnosis and surgery to home monitoring and rehabilitation.

Single ventricle home monitoring supports baby and family

Parents holding baby.The time between your baby’s surgeries is called the interstage phase. Your baby may be more vulnerable to sickness at this time. As parents and caregivers, you’re usually the first to notice a change in your baby’s health. We work closely with you to monitor their health. We also provide the information and support you need to help your family care for your child at home.

Whenever you have a question or concern — big or small — call us. We’re here to provide the care and support your family needs.

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Pediatric heart care backed by research

The Texas Center for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease at Dell Children's Medical Center is a collaboration between Dell Children’s Medical Center at Ascension Seton and UT Health Austin, the clinical practice of Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin.

Get a second opinion from a pediatric cardiologist

Get the confidence and peace of mind that your child’s doctor and care plan are right for your child and family. It's easy to get a second opinion at Dell Children’s Medical Center at Ascension Seton. We can review your medical records and healthcare history to answer your questions and discuss options. Talk with one of our pediatric cardiologists about a personalized care plan.

When you have been told your child has a congenital heart condition, there’s a lot to think about. Together, we can discuss surgical treatment plans. Our team of highly experienced pediatric cardiologists can provide you with a second opinion based on experience and as part of an integrated national network of care.

Before your appointment, check with your insurance company to find out if a second opinion is covered. We can request your child’s medical records from their doctor on your behalf, so that they can be shared with your care team before your arrival.

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Refer a patient to a pediatric specialist

Your patients can expect compassionate, personalized care from the moment our specialists connect with them. Our pediatric specialists start by listening to fully understand their needs and to develop an individualized care plan. To make a doctor referral, please call 855-324-0091.