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Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists at Dell Children’s in Central Texas deliver comprehensive rehabilitation care for children.

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Physical medicine and rehabilitation at Dell Children's

Experienced pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists (physiatrists) at Dell Children’s Medical Center at Ascension Seton provide the care your child or teen needs for functional limitations that are caused by other conditions. Our compassionate care team starts by listening and meets your child and family where you are. Your child’s specialist provides a thorough evaluation, and we diagnose, treat and manage the limitations that are caused by conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Depending on your child’s condition, other specialists at Dell Children’s are part of your child’s care team. And your child’s care plan is personalized for your child’s needs, changing as your child’s needs change. 

Our goal is to help your child become as independent as possible. And our care team works with your child over time to support their developmental and functional abilities to help them excel to the best of their abilities at home, at school and at play.

Multispecialty care for your child's needs

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Your child and your family benefit from the expertise of many specialists at Dell Children’s. Your child’s pediatric medicine and rehabilitation specialists collaborate with other pediatric specialists at Dell Children’s to deliver comprehensive care. Other specialists on your child’s care team may include physiatrists, hospitalists, social workers, psychologists, child life specialists, dietitians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and pharmacists. We also keep your child’s pediatrician informed and make sure you are connected with other beneficial services in your community.

Conditions treated

Pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists deliver care for conditions including:
  • Brain conditions and injuries
    • Anoxic Injury
    • Concussion-related disorders
    • Cerebral palsy
    • Encephalitis (immunological and infectious)
    • Stroke
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Tumor resection residual
  • Spinal cord conditions and injuries
    • Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM)
    • Spina bifida
    • Spinal muscular atrophy
    • Stroke
    • Tethered cord 
    • Transverse myelitis
    • Traumatic spinal cord injury
  • Neuromuscular conditions
    • Guillain-Barré Syndrome
    • Critical illness, including post-covid and post-cancer
    • Functional neurological disorder 
  • Musculoskeletal conditions
    • Burns
    • Chronic amplified pain syndrome
    • Complex illness
    • Dysautonomia (postural orthostatic hypotension)
    • Immunological conditions
    • Limb loss and amputation
    • Polytrauma
    • Rheumatic conditions, including lupus and juvenile arthritis
    • Stroke 
    • Traumatic injuries

Pediatric care backed by research

The Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic is a specialty clinic within UT Health Austin Pediatric Neurosciences at Dell Children’s, the clinical practice of Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin. This collaboration brings together a team of highly specialized providers who are at the forefront of the latest research, diagnostic, and technological developments. This means your child and family are connected to some of the latest and most advanced care.

Comprehensive care for your child

At Dell Children’s, the highly experienced team of physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists provide advanced care for children and teens, using the latest therapeutic techniques and evidence-based care. We care for children who have a range of neurological and developmental conditions. And we deliver care for the whole child, connecting your family to other specialists and physical and occupational therapy when needed.  

Our multidisciplinary treatment approach includes:

  • Comprehensive multispecialty evaluations for rehabilitation needs
  • Evaluation for durable medical equipment, including wheelchairs
  • Evaluation for bracing or prosthetics
  • Spasticity management, including BOTOX™ injections and intrathecal baclofen (ITB) therapy
  • Trigger point injections
  • Comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation for concussion and mild brain injury
  • Post-injury ImPACT testing for concussion
  • Return to learn and return to play protocols

Advanced spasticity management and care

Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists at Dell Children’s deliver comprehensive care for children with spasticity related to conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord and brain injury. Spasticity can lead to pain, limited movement and difficulty speaking. Your child’s doctor may recommend advanced therapeutics as part of your child’s care plan, such as medication, physical therapy, injections, casting and ITB pump therapy.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation