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Cancer survivorship clinic

The cancer survivorship clinic at Dell Children’s in Austin, Texas, provides follow-up and ongoing care for children and teens after cancer treatment.

Doctor listening to child's heart.

Pediatric cancer survivorship clinic at Dell Children's

Your child’s care doesn’t stop when cancer treatment ends. Specialists at the cancer survivorship clinic at Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center in Central Texas, provide follow-up and ongoing care for your child after their cancer treatment plan ends and as they get back to childhood, school and other activities. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other methods used to treat childhood cancers can lead to late effects.

Late effects are health conditions that may impact children and young adults months or years after treatment has ended. Common late effects include slow growth, weakened immune system, heart disease, thyroid disorders, secondary cancer or depression and anxiety. That’s why having regular follow-up care to help support ongoing healthy habits is important for children who have had cancer. We understand the late effects of pediatric cancer treatment and specialize in treating other health concerns that are caused by cancer treatments. Your child’s care team is here to connect the dots for all their care needs – from regular checkups, to connecting you to pediatric specialists who are right for your child and your family.

Care after cancer treatment

Your child’s physical and emotional well-being is our priority. It can be difficult for some children and teens to go back into school, work and other activities after their cancer treatment has ended. We’re here to help. Once your child’s treatment has ended at the Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center, they meet with our care team. Through our clinic, your child and family will have access to:

  • Survivorship care plan and treatment summary
  • Health assessment for late effects
  • Lab and imaging tests
  • Medical records to share with other specialists
  • Mental health care
  • Nutrition counseling 
  • Resources for your questions and concerns

By working with your child’s oncologist, your child’s care team at the survivorship clinic provides care for your child over the next two years beyond their cancer treatment. Through the survivorship clinic, your child has support from specialists who provide screenings and treatment for late effects. And your child and family have access to mental health specialists for emotional support. 

After the first two years, we provide care for your child until adulthood. Then, we help them make a smooth transition into a survivorship program for adults at our Ascension Seton Cancer Survivor Center, where they will continue to get the care they need with doctors and care teams within the same trusted Ascension Seton family. 



Cancer survivorship clinic