Mom taking sick child's temperature.

Pediatric infectious disease care in Indianapolis

Pediatric infectious disease specialists at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital care for children with bacterial, viral, fungal or parasite infections.

Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Ascension St. VincentFever often occurs when the body is trying to fight an infection. If your child is experiencing symptoms of an infection, our pediatric infectious disease doctor, Christopher Belcher, MD, is here for your family. Dr. Belcher and his care team at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at Ascension St. Vincent work quickly to diagnose and treat your child’s infection. We specialize in treating bacterial, viral, fungal and parasite infections.

Treating childhood illness and infections

If your child’s infection does not respond to treatment, they may need to see an infectious disease specialist. Your child’s doctor starts by listening to you and your child. By getting to know your child, we create a personalized care plan to diagnose and treat your child’s infection. Dr. Belcher has the experience and expertise to care for infants, children and teens with infectious diseases, including:

  • Abdominal abscess (a pocket of infected pus or fluid in the abdomen)
  • Bone and joint infection
  • Central nervous system infection
  • COVID-19
  • Fever of unknown origin
  • Hepatitis C
  • Infections due to cancer treatment or immune deficiencies
  • MRSA
  • Travel-related infections, such as malaria or other parasitic infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Whooping cough

If your child is experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, including high fever or shortness of breath, go to the nearest ER and call 911.

Travel medicine and infection prevention

A pediatric infectious disease doctor can also help keep your child healthy while traveling. Having up-to-date vaccinations can help protect your child from infectious diseases. Before traveling, talk to your child’s doctor about vaccinations, preventive care measures and how to prevent parasitic infections. Your doctor can make recommendations for vaccinations and give you tips for keeping your child healthy while traveling.


Refer a patient to a pediatric specialist

Your patients can expect compassionate, personalized care from the moment our specialists connect with them. Our pediatric specialists start by listening to fully understand their needs and to develop an individualized care plan. To make a doctor referral, please call 317-582-8180.