Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

Delivering life-changing pediatric care

Every day, doctors and care teams at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis and Evansville deliver advanced, lifesaving pediatric care for sick and injured children throughout Indiana and surrounding states. When you choose Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital for your child’s care, you'll find compassionate care teams who listen and a family-centered approach to care.

At Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, your child and family are connected to more than 240 pediatric specialists in over 40 pediatric specialties – including leading pediatric heart care, advanced neonatal care, comprehensive cancer care and more. With multidisciplinary care teams, your child benefits from the care and expertise of multiple specialists working together to deliver care that’s right for your child.

And when your family needs emergency care, doctors and care teams at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital are ready with 24/7 pediatric emergency care, surgical care, Level I Pediatric Trauma and Burn Center in Indianapolis and Level II Pediatric Trauma Center in Evansville. Our neonatal and pediatric ambulances, helicopter transport team and community emergency medical service (EMS) providers bring lifesaving care to communities across the region.