Transfer a patient

Make an emergency patient transfer to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital with just one call.

A young girl sleeping in a hospital bed.

Ascension St. Vincent ONE Call Transfer

When your patient needs care that is not available at your hospital, we accept emergency patient transfers. Please have this information when you call:

  • Referring doctor’s name
  • Direct callback number for referring doctor
  • Referring facility name and city
  • Patient’s legal name and date of birth
  • Brief diagnosis or chief complaint

Within minutes, your patient’s transfer process is complete, including a bed number, report number, and arrangements for transportation, if needed.

Your patient is our priority

Ascension St. Vincent ONE Call Transfer connects you and your patients to doctors and services at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Evansville and Indianapolis. Emergency patient transfer is coordinated from start to finish by our care team, including coordinating transportation by ground or air for patients of any age.

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital offers a team of dedicated critical care transport professionals – StatFlight™ and StatGround™. These critical care transport teams are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

We work quickly to understand your patient’s needs and coordinate their care. Ascension St. Vincent ONE Call Transfer’s goal is to provide a seamless experience for doctors and care teams who need to transfer the care of their patients.

To make an emergency patient transfer to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, please call:



Transfer a patient