Craniofacial care

Pediatric plastic surgeons at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital deliver advanced craniofacial and reconstructive surgery for infants and children.

Parents holding their baby with a craniofacial condition while getting care at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

Craniofacial care at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

Fellowship-trained pediatric plastic surgeons at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital specialize in reconstructive and plastic surgery for infants, children and teens. Plastic surgery may be used to help restore function or appearance to a part of your child’s body affected by a congenital condition or injury. Your child’s care team starts by listening to you and answering your questions – big and small. Whether you are taking your child to their first appointment or looking for a second opinion, we’re here for your family. Your child’s doctor takes the time to explain your child’s diagnosis and discuss their treatment options. Together, we create a surgical care plan that is right for your child and your family.

Conditions we diagnose and treat

Pediatric surgeons deliver care for:

  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Craniosynostosis, when a baby’s skull bones connect too early
  • Ear abnormality
  • Hemangioma, bright red birthmark
  • Jaw or facial abnormality
  • Plagiocephaly, flat spot on a baby’s head
  • Polydactyly and syndactyly, extra or webbed fingers and toes
  • Scars
  • Skin lesion, mole and cyst
  • Vascular malformation, birthmark or growth caused by blood vessels

Your child’s multispecialty care team connects the dots for all your child’s care, including additional imaging, labs, referrals to other pediatric specialists, therapy and more.

Pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery

  • Cleft lip and palate care

    The cleft lip and palate care team includes craniofacial plastic surgeons, craniofacial orthodontists, dentists, ear, nose and throat doctors, speech therapists, pediatric oral surgeons, and geneticists (doctors who specialize in genetics). By working together, we deliver comprehensive care for children with cleft lip and cleft palate.

  • Reconstructive plastic surgery

    Pediatric plastic surgeons deliver personalized care for children with cleft lip and palate, skin lesions, and congenital anomalies. Your child’s surgeon takes the time to explain your child’s procedure, what to expect, and how to care for your child after surgery. Together, we create a surgery and follow-up care plan that is right for your child and family.

  • Craniofacial care

    The craniofacial care team includes a craniofacial plastic surgeon, pediatric neurosurgeon, and a craniofacial orthodontist. If your child has a condition that affects their head shape, such as positional plagiocephaly, we create a care plan that fits your child’s needs. This includes therapy, helmet fittings and education for you and your family.

If your child is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, go to the nearest ER or call 911.

Craniofacial care