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Hemophilia clinic

Specialists at Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center at Ascension Seton deliver advanced care for children with hemophilia and other blood disorders.

A female doctor talking with a child.

Pediatric hemophilia clinic at Dell Children's

If your child has been diagnosed with a bleeding or clotting disorder or if your family has been referred for a diagnosis or treatment, we’re here to help. At the hemophilia clinic at Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center at Ascension Seton in Austin, Texas, we specialize in diagnosing and treating children with blood disorders. With the right care, children with blood disorders can have an improved quality of life and enjoy many of the same activities as other children.

Your child’s multispecialty care team includes experienced hematologists, certified pediatric hematology nurses, social workers, researchers, nutritionists and child life specialists. We get to know you and your child by listening to your concerns and understanding your child's daily needs. And we work together with you and for your family to create a personalized care plan that’s right for your child. Only in Austin. Only at Dell Children’s.

Diagnosing and treating blood disorders

There are three types of hemophilia — A, B and C. Each has different clotting factors and treatments. Symptoms of hemophilia may include bruising easily, bleeding more during surgery or dental work, frequent nosebleeds and heavy menstrual bleeding. Pediatric hematologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of hemophilia A and B, genetic blood diseases passed from the parent to the child, and hemophilia C. If your child needs ongoing care for hemophilia, our care teams are here for your family.

Anemia is a common blood condition in children that is often caused by an iron deficiency. Symptoms may include weakness and feeling tired, difficulty breathing, and mental and emotional health concerns. If you are concerned about new symptoms in your child, talk with a doctor. At Dell Children’s, pediatric care teams screen babies, children and teens for anemia. Using blood tests, our hematology specialists diagnose and provide advanced care for blood disorders, including:

  • Aplastic anemia (when the body doesn’t produce enough blood cells)
  • Auto-immune anemia (when the immune system attacks red blood cells)
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Bone marrow disorder, Fanconi anemia
  • Evans syndrome (a rare autoimmune disorder)
  • Factor V Leiden (a blood clotting disorder)
  • Hemophilia (when blood doesn't clot properly)
  • Platelet disorders
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Thalassemia (when the body produces low amounts of hemoglobin)
  • Thrombophilia (when the blood clots too easily)
  • Von Willebrand disease  (when blood doesn't clot properly)
  • Other bleeding and disorders

Comprehensive care for blood disorders

It is important for your child to learn how to manage their blood disorder as they get older. We’re ready to provide treatment and support along the way. Our goal is to help your child live a healthier and more active life. Through the hemophilia clinic, your family will find all the care you need in one place:

  • Advanced treatment options for blood disorders
  • Yearly checkup with a pediatric hematologist
  • Dental, orthopedic and physical therapy evaluation
  • Activities to promote self-expression and develop coping skills
  • Opportunities to meet families with similar experiences
  • Support from social workers and connection to other support services

Whether your child needs routine or more advanced care for a blood disorder, our care team is ready to deliver the care your family needs. With the most pediatric specialists and specialty programs in the region, we connect you to specialists who are right for your child.

Hemophilia clinic