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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Ascension Saint Thomas.

Ascension Saint Thomas is proud of the service its volunteer community provides for our healthcare ministry. Volunteers are vital in helping to create a warm and friendly environment, and are present in many departments throughout our hospitals. If you are searching for a meaningful place to contribute and feel connected to a mission-minded community of service, join the Ascension Saint Thomas Volunteer Team.

Adult Volunteer Program

Ascension Saint Thomas offers many volunteer opportunities for adults, including information desk greeters, patient visitors, gift shop clerks, and clerical support. Our volunteer coordinators work directly with prospective volunteers, discussing your goals and identifying service opportunities that best fit both you and the hospital. The needs of the hospital, your interests, skill-set, and availability will help determine your potential volunteer assignment.

Before you apply, ask yourself:

  • Am I at least 18 years of age or older and not enrolled in high school?
  • Have I carefully considered my availability and know that I can commit to an ongoing service schedule?
  • Do I have a positive attitude and a sincere interest in the hospital and its mission of serving others?
  • Will I treat my volunteer responsibilities with the same respect that I do work and/or school obligations?
  • Do I enjoy working in new situations, taking on different duties, or helping in additional ways based on the needs of the people around me?
  • Am I comfortable in a clinical environment where I will see patients who are sick or in pain and families under stress?
  • Am I committed and comfortable with the boarding process Ascension Saint Thomas requires including volunteer interviews, orientation, medical and background checks as well training (this may total as many as 4 trips to the hospital) before my actual volunteer shift begins?
  • Do I willingly agree to submit personal references and approval for a criminal background check?

If you answered "yes" to all of the questions, please continue with the application. If you answered "no" to any of the questions, it is possible that our organization may not meet your goals as a volunteer.

Rutherford Junior Volunteer Program

The Rutherford Junior Volunteer application opens January-March yearly and the program begins in July. Applications will be accepted until the program is full. Once the program is full, the application form will be closed.

Volunteer Applications

Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown Adult Volunteer Application

Ascension Saint Thomas West Adult Volunteer Application

Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford Adult Volunteer Application

Rutherford Junior Volunteer Application

Our Volunteer Services Team

For more information or questions regarding the Ascension Saint Thomas Volunteer Program, please contact one of our Volunteer Program Managers:

Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown and West
Michele Ryan 

Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford
Bryan Lowe

Job Shadowing Contact Information


For more information about job shadowing at Ascension Saint Thomas, please contact:

Nicole Fortes
Student Placement Coordinator

Rhonda Bomar
Manager, Student Services and LPN to RN Bridge Support Program