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For additional information about volunteer opportunities, please call 667-234-2817 or 667-234-5793.

Some of our dedicated volunteers have been serving for 20-30 years.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please contact 667-234-2817 or  667-234-5793, or click here to fill out an application .

Volunteer for the Ascension Saint Agnes Trusted Ride Program

The Ascension Saint Agnes Trusted Ride program will build a network of volunteer chaperones to accompany older adults and adults with disabilities to and from non-emergency medical appointments. Volunteer chaperones will be layered onto existing transportation options such as Lyft to help patients navigate the hospital campus.

We are looking for volunteers, 18 and older, to serve as chaperones. Volunteers will not drive the patient but will meet the patient at their home door or hospital office and accompany them to their Lyft car or to the home/hospital door. During the current COVID climate, we are exploring virtual chaperoning. Please contact the Volunteer Services office at 667-234-5793 if you are interested in participating in this program.