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Our pediatric audiologists at Dell Children's - Audiology Mueller in Austin, TX, deliver personalized care for your child’s hearing needs.

Advanced pediatric audiology care

Hearing loss can start at birth or develop throughout childhood and affects speech development. If you think your child may have a hearing problem, talk with a pediatric audiologist. Certified pediatric audiologists at Dell Children's - Audiology Mueller in Austin deliver personalized care for children of all ages from newborn to adolescence. 

We offer newborn hearing screening tests and a variety of diagnostic hearing evaluations. Our hearing programs and services adapt as your child grows. The audiologists at our pediatric hearing center listen to understand your health concerns. Then we deliver care that is right for your child. We work with your child’s primary care doctor and ENT specialist, and coordinate related services such as speech therapy. 

Pediatric hearing services

We offer a variety of pediatric audiology services, including:

Newborn hearing screenings - If your child does not pass the newborn hearing screening test at the hospital when they are born, they may be referred for a diagnostic hearing evaluation. We deliver the recommended 1-3-6 month approach for follow-up testing and care.

Behavioral audiometry – This hearing test detects the softest level at which a child can hear across different frequencies and speech.

Extended high-frequency audiometry – A hearing test used to check the hearing status of children who have been exposed to potentially ototoxic medications, such as chemotherapy.

Otoacoustic emissions testing –This hearing test measures sound within the hearing organ, called the cochlea.

Tympanometry – This test evaluates the middle ear.

Hearing aid devices for children

Hearing aids may be an option to help your child hear. Our care team offers a variety of hearing aid options to help amplify sounds, including:

  • Traditional behind-the-ear digital hearing aids with Bluetooth 
  • Bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA)
  • Cochlear implants

Dell Children's - Audiology Mueller