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Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

About Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

Addiction specialists at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery in Michigan provide holistic, evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders.
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At Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery in Brighton, Michigan, our skilled team specializes in personalized addiction treatment. We deliver 24/7 care for substance use disorders, including chronic use of alcohol and fentanyl. Medicare and other health insurances are accepted. Our holistic approach to treatment focuses on your physical and mental health – from detox and withdrawal to individual and group therapy, nutrition guidance, and therapeutic art, music and yoga. 

How to be admitted for addiction treatment

To begin the process of being admitted to Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, complete our secure online admission form or call our Admissions department at 810-220-5514

Admissions representatives are available:

  • Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 

After-hours calls: 

A member of our clinical staff answers calls made outside the hours listed above. Information is logged for prompt attention by an Admissions representative the following business day. 

Refer a patient for addiction treatment

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery values our relationships with primary and specialty care doctors, emergency medicine doctors, and behavioral and mental health professionals. 

To refer a patient: 

  1. Have your patient sign a release of information form before they are admitted.
  2. Fax the completed form to our customer service representatives, Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, Admissions department, fax 810-227-2029.

If you are a medical professional and have questions about the referral process, or need more information about our alcohol and substance use treatment programs, call 810-220-5514.

A first step away from dependency

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, Brighton, Michigan, is an addiction treatment center for adults providing 24/7 care.

Addiction care that focuses on you and your recovery

Start a conversation with a doctor and care team who listen. Our addiction and behavioral health specialists are here to help assess your dependency on alcohol or other substances and their impact on your physical and cognitive functioning. 

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery addresses:

  • Acute intoxication and withdrawal management
  • Chronic substance use disorders (alcohol, opioid or other chemical dependency)
  • Substance use disorder and a co-occurring health condition (such as cancer, heart-lung disease or stroke) 
  • Polysubstance use disorder (alcohol and other chemical substances)
  • Relapse prevention with a support network for your long-term recovery 
  • Substance use disorder and a co-occuring mental health condition
  • Conditions that often develop from chronic substance use, such as cognitive impairment and malnourishment

Ismael D. Yanga, III, MD

“Our patients that have enough cognition to take medication as prescribed and follow their aftercare plan, which includes managing malnutrition, are more likely to improve their overall health and well-being.”

 – I. Yanga III, MD, Addiction Medicine Specialist and Medical Director

Full-service addiction medicine treatment center

Our addiction medicine specialists and care team personalize your treatment and coordinate every part of your recovery care plan based on your needs. A chapel, meditation trail and gardens on the grounds of Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery help promote positivity. Inside and outside our center, our team provides compassion and hope. 

Addiction care services

At Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, we provide comprehensive addiction care services, including: 

  • Intake and assessment
  • Detoxification services to medically manage withdrawal 
  • Inpatient addiction rehabilitation with connections to medical and psychiatric care 
  • Outpatient treatment that can include appointments with our addiction specialist, individual and group counseling, and nutrition and life skill preparation 
  • Halfway Housing Program for individuals who don’t have stable housing options or require stabilization in early recovery
  • Relapse prevention and support to ensure connections to ongoing care 
  • Women’s-only recovery program that provides personalized addiction treatment for women in a women’s-only environment.
  • Health professional recovery program that provides a customized treatment program for individuals working in healthcare. 
  • Support for children, friends and other family members of a loved one suffering from substance use. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What types of addiction treatment do you provide?

    Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery provides inpatient, outpatient, and “office-based” or outpatient medication-assisted treatment.

  • What are the goals of addiction treatment?

     When you choose Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, we focus on treatments that help:

    • Restore your quality of life
    • Live a life free of substance use
    • Develop healthy coping mechanisms
    • Rebuild damaged relationships
    • Manage emotions effectively
    • Improve impaired cognition, resulting from nutritional deficiency
  • Does your organization assist people who are affected by alcoholism?

    Yes. If you or a loved one struggles with an alcohol use disorder, our experienced care team at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery is here to help. Treating alcohol and other substances, called a polysubstance use disorder, is one of our specialties. We also provide support programs for children, friends and other family members affected by a loved one’s substance use.

  • Who can receive addiction treatment at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery in Brighton, Michigan?

    Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery provides personalized care to adults (ages 18 and older) experiencing acute intoxication and chronic substance use of one or more substances (alcohol, opioids such as fentanyl, and other types of chemical dependency). Patients must have a primary diagnosis, or a history of substance use disorder or substance dependency. Patients must not have additional medical or psychiatric conditions that need to be addressed immediately.

  • As a friend or family member, can I visit a patient who is in inpatient rehabilitation?

    While Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery does not have specific visiting hours, we know how important a support network is to a patient’s overall recovery. Family, friends or support persons are encouraged to visit and be part of the patient’s lifelong recovery. Talk to your loved one’s care team to arrange a visit.

  • What is the cost of addiction treatment at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery?

    Your care team explains the cost of addiction care and how your health insurance, including Medicare, may apply for inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment. We accept most commercial health insurance plans and managed care plans. Based on the length of inpatient care, our financial assistance team can help arrange a self-payment plan.

  • Are there opportunities to volunteer at or donate to Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery?

    Click to learn how to become involved as a volunteer or donor.