Ascension Lourdes is making it more convenient to access all of your Ascension Lourdes health information in one, easy to use, secure portal.

With Ascension Lourdes Patient Portal and our online services, you can:

  • Easily and securely access your Ascension Lourdes health information and test results from your electronic medical record.
  • Send secure messages to your Ascension Lourdes health care provider.
  • Review Ascension Lourdes laboratory and radiology results.
  • Request prescription renewals and appointments.
  • Access patient education materials.

The Ascension Lourdes Patient Portal allows you to access information from:

  • Primary Care visits
  • Hospitalizations
  • Emergency Department Visits
  • All specialties, excluding orthopedics and oral health.

There are two ways to sign up for the Ascension Lourdes Patient Portal.

Option 1: You can enroll in the Ascension Lourdes Patient Portal by talking to your Ascension Lourdes Provider’s office staff or the Hospital’s Registration Department staff, in person. You will receive your e-mailed invitation to join the portal from our staff. To complete your registration, an e-mail invitation with a secure, unique link will be sent to you. When you click the link, confirm your name, enter the 4 digit number you requested of our staff when they sent the email, date of birth and ZIP code. Next, choose a username and password. You will then be asked to answer security questions in case you ever forget your password.

Option 2: Self-Enroll Self-Enroll. To self-enroll, go to https://Ascension You will be asked to enter your name, date of birth, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, and your Medical Record Number (MRN) for security purposes. The MRN is located on your discharge paperwork. There are step by step directions with screen shots located on the FAQ web page.

Note: You must be at least 18 years of age to register using this method.

Logging Into the Patient Portal

Once your account has been set up, you can access it anywhere that you have access to the Internet (e.g., at home, work, school, library) by visiting our portal. Also, there is an app available called Healthelife via the Apple Store and the Google Play Store for your smart phone or device.

Frequently Asked Patient Questions

Where does the health information in the patient portal come from?
The information reflects the information in your Ascension Lourdes electronic medical record. If you believe any data is wrong, please call Ascension Lourdes Health Information Management at 607-798-5970 or the provider who ordered your test or entered the information in your chart.

Can I enroll to view my children’s medical information?
Yes, parents or guardians of children up to age 13 can access their children’s medical information on the Ascension Lourdes Patient Portal. Once the child turns 13 years of age their portal account will be disconnected and you will receive an e-mail notification. At your child’s next visit they may sign up again for the patient portal, which they have the option to give you proxy access to.

Will my information be kept confidential?
Like your paper-based record, your EHR is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Your privacy is very important to us. Rest assured your health information is always kept confidential.

Can I give permission for someone else to view my medical information, such as my spouse or my adult child?
Yes, any patient age 13 or older can give “proxy” access to another adult. Go to Account, click on Update Account Settings. You will need to sign in to Cerner Health and Add a Person to Your Account.

Can I share my password with a family member so that he/she doesn’t need to sign up for proxy access?
This isn’t recommended. Each person should have his or her own account. That way, you will always have the choice in the future to stop sharing your information with another person. Go to Account, click on Update Account Settings. You will need to sign in to Cerner Health and Add a Person to Your Account.

What should I do if I change my email address?

  • Log in to the portal site
  • Click on the your name located at the top right corner
  • Click on Account, then Update account settings
  • Click Email and follow the directions for entering a new email address
  • Click Save to complete the change.

What if I have trouble logging in or accessing my information?
If you have any technical problems with the Patient Portal or questions about your account, support is available any time by calling (877) 621-8014.

What if I want to use a health information app to access my health record?
We now offer the ability for you to securely connect some of the health management apps you may use to your health record. Contact Ascension Lourdes Health Information Management at 607-798-5264 to begin the process of connecting your information to the app.

HealtheLife Phone App

The Ascension Lourdes Patient Portal is accessible on the HealtheLife App. Download from the App Store for use on your iPhone or Android.

Patient Portal Support

If you have any problems with the Ascension Lourdes Patient Portal or if you have questions about your account, support is available any time by calling 1-877-621-8014.