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Medical Records Request

As a patient, you have the right to access your medical records. Here you'll find instructions and a convenient form to help us process your request.



Hospital Medical Records Request


1. Download the Authorization Form by clicking on the link below:

2. Complete the Authorization Form

3. Return the completed Authorization Form to us by email, fax, or mail

Fax Number: 615.284.4582 (Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown, Rutherford, or West)
Fax Number: 615.284.1823 (Ascension Saint Thomas Dekalb, Highlands, River Park, or Stones River)

Mailing Address:
Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown
2000 Church Street
Nashville, TN 37236

If you have questions, you can reach us at one of the numbers below:

Ascension Saint Thomas Dekalb or Stones River: 615-215-5386
Ascension Saint Thomas Highlands: 931-738-4160
Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown: 615-284-7203
Ascension Saint Thomas River Park: 931-815-4692
Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford: 615-396-6612
Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital West: 615-222-6107

You may return the completed forms to the respective hospital in person. If you are returning the form in person, proper identification must be presented.

There is a charge associated with providing copies of medical records. For copies of Radiology CDs or films, please contact the Radiology Department at the hospital you were treated at.

Medical Group Medical Records Request


The medical group (Saint Thomas Medical Partners) medical records are entirely digital, so you can request your medical records any time, day or night. The online portal features a modern design with clear, easy-to-use buttons and large simple text that's easy to read and understand. It takes you step-by-step through each question, and your records can be securely delivered via email or by mail.

Remember to have your Driver's License or other photo ID ready to confirm your identity.

Please note there may be a cost for this service. Processing time varies depending on the type of request and method of delivery. If you have questions, please call 615-222-7257

You can also download our printable Release of Information Form. Please note: We must have your signature to release the records you request. To protect your confidentiality, all patients 18 years of age or older must sign the Release of Information Form. A parent or a legal guardian may sign for children under the age of 18.

Authorization Form for Medical Records - (English) (Spanish)
You can return the completed form by mail or fax:
Fax Number: 615-222-7275

Mailing Address:
Ascension Medical Group Saint Thomas
301 21st Ave North
Nashville, TN 37203