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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Services at Ascension Sacred Heart Bay in Panama City, Florida

Ascension Sacred Heart Bay believes in providing quality, compassionate care and that spiritual care is foundation to treating the whole person: body, mind and spirit. We are committed to carrying out this healing ministry and believe pastoral care is fundamental to our identity and tantamount to our addressing the spiritual needs of our patients with special attention to the poor and vulnerable.

Our chaplains are part of the healthcare team specifically addressing the spiritual needs of patients, families and hospital associates. They bring a sense of calm among chaos as they establish an environment of trust and peace in often times, painful situations. Our chaplains although personally rooted in a particular denomination, are knowledgeable and respectful of different religions and cultural nuances. It is our belief that each person has a right to have their cultural, spiritual and personal values, beliefs and preferences respected.

What do the chaplains do?

Our chaplains help to create a culture that supports spiritually centered, holistic care for patients and family members as well as for our associates and physicians.

Some services provided by our chaplaincy program are:

  • Bedside Visits & Prayer - Prayer is a key component to our pastoral care and spiritual comfort. Chaplains pray with patients and their families when requested, which most do. All chaplains try to pray in a manner consistent with the religion of the patient and always respect whatever religious or spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof, the individual possesses.
  • Spiritual Guidance & Counseling - Chaplains are called to help patients and their families deal with spiritual issues that may arise or become felt more acutely during injury or illness. They can assist patients and families as they wrestle with questions of meaning as well as feelings of powerlessness, pain, loneliness and isolation. Chaplains also support hospital associates during, and after, spiritually and emotionally difficult times.
  • Support in Making Healthcare Decisions - Our chaplain’s work with patients to surface deeper concerns and articulate healthcare goals. They facilitate discussions, ultimately resulting in more appropriate and informed healthcare choices which honor the patient’s values, particularly with ethical or end-of-life issues.
  • Crisis Ministry- Chaplains are an integral part of the healthcare team when it comes to caring for patients and families in crisis situations. They provide spiritual and emotional support at critical times to patients, family members and hospital associates.
  • Grief Support - Chaplains are trained to handle grief and bereavement situations and can provide resources for additional counseling upon request.

How to contact a chaplain:

Chaplains are available around the clock, seven days a week. If you are an inpatient, just tell a member of your healthcare team that you wish to speak to a chaplain, or dial the hospital operator to ask for Pastoral Care (just dial “0”). From outside the hospital, contact us at (850) 769-1511 (Hospital Operator).