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Wound care specialists at Ascension sites of care provide personalized care for wound healing.
Getting the right care for hard-to-heal wounds is important. When your wound isn’t healing, care teams at Ascension sites of care are here to help. Wound care specialists treat all types of wounds, including burns, foot ulcers caused by diabetes, venous leg ulcers, surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, and wounds that won’t heal. Our wound care team includes doctors specializing in wound-healing treatments and certified wound care nurses. We also offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other advanced wound care treatments. Our care team listens to understand you and your health concerns. Then, we work with you to create a care plan that’s right for you.


Wound care specialists provide options for slow-healing wounds

Wounds that heal slowly can be at risk of infection. Individuals who have diabetes, vascular disorders, or a weak immune system are also at risk. Call your doctor if you are concerned about a hard-to-heal wound. Signs and symptoms include foul-smelling drainage, fever, swelling, redness and pain at the wound site, and red streaks in the skin around the wound. 


Specializing in treating diabetic and chronic wounds

Your recovery is our priority. We deliver both in-hospital and outpatient care. Our care team offers advanced wound care treatments including, but not limited to:

  • Cellulitis therapy
  • Compression therapy
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Infection management or prevention
  • Total contact casting
  • Wound cleaning
  • Wound dressing

Work with our wound care team to manage your recovery

Our wound care team offers a full spectrum of services in an outpatient setting. Ascension sites of care also provide wound healing care while you are in the hospital. We show you how to improve your wound-cleaning hygiene at home as part of your personalized care plan. Ascension at Home – home health care also provides coordinated wound care education and supportive care when needed. Our goal is to help your wound heal, prevent infection and improve your quality of life.


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Ascension has a compassionate, personalized approach to Wound Care.