Woman looking at her face in the mirror.

Choose a plastic surgeon that's right for you

Ascension's cosmetic and plastic surgeons are skilled in reconstructing face and body defects due to injury or disease and enhancing appearance.

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery are terms often used interchangeably, but there are differences. At Ascension, our experienced surgeons do complex facial, skin and limb repairs for medically necessary conditions. They also provide cosmetic treatments to improve the outward appearance of a person. Our care teams listen to what your needs are and reply with compassionate, personalized care options whether it be for cosmetic or medical reasons.

In many locations, our plastic surgeons work closely with breast surgeons at our women's health centers to integrate breast-conserving surgery with breast reconstruction as part of the total cancer care plan. Pelvic floor reconstruction is also available as a follow-up to gynecologic cancer treatment.

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