Doctor treating a patient who has a burn

Specialty Care

From skin-graft surgeries to support groups, Ascension's burn care centers offer expert, compassionate care to help you heal - body, mind and spirit.

After the trauma of severe burns, Ascension's burn care centers provide a comforting, supportive space for you to begin the healing process. During your stay, our skilled caregivers follow the guidelines of the American Burn Association, which help ensure the best care in hospital burn units across the country.

Our physicians specialize in the delicate care required for treating burn wounds and managing pain, infections and scarring. We also offer skin-graft surgeries and physical therapy to assist in your long-term recovery.

Our nurses are experts at compassionately preparing both you and your loved ones for the physical changes you may experience. And with services such as ongoing access to burn survivors' support groups, Ascension is committed to your full healing and recovery.

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