Speech pathologist working with a child

Specialty Care

Ascension's speech pathology programs offer expert evaluation and treatment for all communication, cognitive, voice and swallowing disorders.

About Speech Pathology

At Ascension, our goal in diagnosing and treating voice, speech and cognitive disorders is to help you enjoy better quality of life by improving this essential part of your well-being.

Our skilled speech-language pathologists work with you to learn about your needs and help you understand your condition and treatment options. You’ll receive focused, personalized attention from your very first visit.

Ascension’s speech pathology care is available on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Our voice therapy services provide outpatient treatment for vocal impairments or disorders of the vocal structure. In addition to a full range of language, speech and cognitive therapy services, we offer treatment for swallowing problems, plus hearing screenings and referrals.

Our advanced diagnostic and treatment plans include acoustic analysis, advanced assessment of your vocal cords, voice facilitation techniques and surgical procedures. You and your speech pathologist will decide together on the right care plan for your needs.

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Areas of Care

Ascension has a compassionate, personalized approach to Speech Pathology.