Patient running on a treadmill with a physical therapist

Specialty Care

There's no need to live with constant aches or pain. Ascension's physical therapy services can help you achieve greater strength and mobility.

About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help reduce pain and gain range of motion, and it's also useful for issues related to balance, coordination, endurance and overall conditioning. Whether you're recovering from surgery, managing a previously diagnosed condition, or wish to gain strength and prevent injury, Ascension's expert physical therapists can help.

We offer services on an inpatient or outpatient basis to accommodate your rehabilitation program and lifestyle. When specific issues need to be addressed, we develop a custom program for concerns such as wheelchair management or posture and gait improvement.

One of our most powerful tools at Ascension is education. Throughout your treatment, your physical therapy team will take the time to explain and answer any questions about your unique condition and needs. That increased knowledge means you are less likely to experience setbacks, and helps us work together toward your recovery under our personal and professional guidance.

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