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Brain and Spine Conditions - Neurology

For brain, nerve or spinal cord injuries and disorders, Ascension can help with comprehensive neurology and neurosurgical care.

About Brain and Spine Conditions - Neurology


At Ascension, you’ll find some of the best neurologists and neurosurgeons in the country. Our experts have been recognized nationally and internationally for pioneering new treatments and research in their fields, which means more advanced care for our patients.

We offer complete neurology care treatment plans for conditions such as epilepsy and seizures, neuropsychology and memory conditions, headache, multiple sclerosis, sleep conditions, stroke and more.

You can trust our caring, knowledgeable team to give you and your family focused attention to help you feel confident about your treatment. We'll work with you to make sure you understand your diagnosis, are comfortable with your treatment plan, and have the rehabilitation and support you need throughout your journey.


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