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Get rehabilitation care, close to home

When you choose Ascension sites of care for rehabilitation therapy, you get personalized care that supports your recovery from an injury or surgery.

Getting the right care during and after treatment is an important step in your recovery journey. When you choose rehabilitation services at Ascension sites of care, an experienced team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists are by your side helping you recover with a goal getting you back to what is important to you.

Network of integrated rehabilitation therapies

At Ascension sites of care, our rehabilitation care includes: 

  • Physical therapy to help improve strength and mobility.
  • Occupational therapy to help make everyday tasks such as walking, bathing and dressing easier.
  • Speech therapy to help you improve swallowing and speaking.

Advanced physical medicine and rehabilitation care is available at many Ascension sites of care. Physiatrists are doctors who specialize in rehabilitation medicine. These specialists work with our rehabilitation care teams to deliver advanced care for restricted range of motion, lymphedema, balance disorders, chronic pain, fatigue, mobility problems, and memory and concentration concerns.

Multispecialty rehabilitation care teams

Care is about more than healing. We are here to serve, listen and understand, with support for your physical health and wellness, as well as your mental and emotional health. At Ascension sites of care, we have specialized rehabilitation services, including:

For neurological conditions, some of our therapists are also trained in LSVT BIG, a treatment that can help those with Parkinson’s use their body more normally.

At Ascension sites of care, we provide rehabilitation services in the hospital, at outpatient physical therapy clinics, multispecialty rehabilitation clinics, as part of Ascension at Home home health care, and at stand-alone inpatient rehabilitation facilities. From your first therapy appointment and throughout your ongoing care, your doctor will stay informed about your progress. Our goal is to help you get back to doing the things you enjoy.  Find a location near you. 

In some states, you may not need a physician order to start physical therapy.  If you would like to start physical therapy but are not sure if you need a physician order, please contact a rehabilitation - physical therapy location at an Ascension site of care near you to discuss whether a physician order is needed.

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