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Get relief for hand and wrist pain

Orthopedic hand surgeons and therapists at Ascension sites of care specialize in treating carpal tunnel syndrome and injuries to the hand and wrist.

Our national network of orthopedic caregivers includes doctors who specialize in hand surgery and conditions affecting your wrists and hands, like arthritis in your thumb and fingers. We provide thorough evaluations to help find the cause of your pain. And we listen to understand you and how your pain is limiting your daily activities. Then, we work with you to create a care plan that’s right for you.

Treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome and hand weakness

Repetitive movements, such as texting or typing, can put pressure on the nerves in your wrist. Certain occupations are also prone to carpal tunnel syndrome causing numbness, tingling or weakness in the hand. Our hand surgeons and orthopedic care teams offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cysts, pinched nerves, wrist sprains, and broken or dislocated bones.

  • Carpal tunnel nerve decompression
  • Hand surgery
  • Medication therapy
  • Non-surgical injections
  • Orthopedic hand and wrist brace and finger splints
  • Rehabilitation and recovery
  • Exercise physiology and sports performance

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, go directly to the ER or call 911.

Hand surgeons offer options to regain hand strength

Age, arthritis and traumatic injuries from a fall or accident are all possible reasons for wrist and hand pain and weakness. If you are living with pain, our experienced orthopedic surgery specialists and care teams take the time to understand you and your health concerns. At many Ascension orthopedic sites of care, we specialize in hand surgery and advanced treatment options.

Getting the right care at the right time is critical for your health. If you’re looking for a second opinion from a hand surgeon, we can help match you with the right orthopedic specialist. Ask if a virtual visit is an option for your second opinion appointment.

Orthopedic rehabilitation offers hand therapy with physical therapy

At Ascension sites of care, we provide orthopedic rehabilitation after surgery and as part of your care plan. Some of our physical therapists specialize in hand therapy. At our rehabilitation clinics, our physical therapists and occupational therapists provide personalized care to help you manage your pain and improve your wrist and hand function.

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