Ascension All Saints Hospital - Spring Street Campus - Specialty Care Center, located at 3811 Spring Street in Racine, Wisconsin.

Ascension All Saints Hospital - Specialty Care Center - Spring Street Campus

  • Specialty Care

3811 Spring St
Racine,  WI  53405

About Us
Care teams at Ascension All Saints in Racine, WI, are here to deliver the healthcare that’s right for you.


Infectious Disease

At Ascension Wisconsin our Infectious Disease Clinic delivers care to adults at all points of care - from the hospital to our outpatient facilities. Our doctors lead our hospital’s infectious control programs. We diagnose and treat highly contagious viruses and bacterial infections. Together with our critical care medicine doctors and nurses, we deliver compassionate, personalized care for your needs. Our care team helps you understand how to improve your hygiene to prevent the spread of germs and promote wound healing.

General Surgery

Our general surgeons at Ascension All Saints deliver surgical care for children and adults, including outpatient same-day surgery, emergency surgery, trauma surgery and inpatient procedures. Our surgical suite has robotic and image-guided technology, and our surgeons perform minimally invasive techniques whenever possible to help with recovery. Our surgical care team starts by listening to understand your health needs. We are here to answer your questions and provide pre-operative testing to help prepare you for your surgery. Then we deliver personalized surgical care to fit your needs. Our surgeons offer surgical consultation appointments.


Our orthopedic care team at Ascension All Saints provides quick and convenient care for non-life threatening, orthopedic conditions and sports injuries. Whatever the reason for your bone or joint pain, we listen to understand you and your orthopedic needs. Then, we deliver care that’s right for you.


If you think you may have a hearing problem, we provide personalized hearing tests that are right for you. Our certified audiologists at Ascension Wisconsin provide personalized care for children and adults, from pediatric and adult screening tests to a variety of diagnostic hearing evaluations. We listen to understand your concerns. Then, we work with you to provide personalized care that is right for you. Our audiologists specialize in hearing device treatment plans for progressive and permanent hearing loss due to age or illness.

Digestive Health

At Ascension All Saints, we listen to understand your health concerns. From bloating and heartburn to more chronic digestive health symptoms, we deliver care that’s right for you. For upper and lower GI conditions, we deliver targeted treatments for your needs, including medications, surgical care and medical nutrition therapy. Advanced GI testing with gastrointestinal endoscopy and colonoscopy is available.


Our urologic care team at Ascension All Saints delivers compassionate, personalized care for conditions that affect your bladder, kidneys and reproductive organs. Your doctors and care team listen to understand your concerns. We provide genitourinary diagnostic tests and both surgical and non-surgical care options. And if you have been diagnosed with a urologic cancer, our urologists are part of our cancer care services and lead our prostate cancer screening and treatment programs.

Plastic Surgery

Our plastic surgeons at Ascension All Saints are part of our multispecialty surgical team for trauma injury care (in designated hospitals) and breast surgery and reconstruction services. We specialize in reconstructive surgeries for medically necessary conditions affecting your face, breasts and body. Our doctors listen to understand your health needs. Then, we deliver care that’s right for you.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical medicine and rehabilitation services at Ascension All Saints in Racine, Wisconsin, include physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists. Non-surgical care options are available to help address chronic pain and improve your functional abilities after surgery, trauma injury, stroke or as part of ongoing care for a complex health condition. Your doctors and therapists work together to deliver care that supports your orthopedics, sports medicine or neurologic care plan.