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Ascension All Saints Hospital - Health Pavilion - Spring Street Campus

Ascension All Saints Hospital - Health Pavilion - Spring Street Campus

A Department of Ascension All Saints Hospital
  • Women's health
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Therapy

About Us

Care teams at Ascension All Saints Hospital - Health Pavilion - Spring Street Campus in Racine, WI, deliver women’s healthcare that’s right for you.


Ascension All Saints Hospital - Health Pavilion - Spring Street Campus is a department of Ascension All Saints Hospital. Our OB-GYN doctors, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, rehabilitation therapists, licensed clinical social workers, and clinical substance abuse counselors provide family-focused care personalized for your needs.


Services include:

  • Annual physicals, PAP smears, immunizations
  • Pelvic health
  • Prenatal care and education when pregnant
  • Higher-risk, perinatal pregnancy care

Ascension All Saints Hospital - Health Pavilion - Spring Street Campus has a Breast imaging Center with 3D mammography and breast cancer specialists.

Primary care personalized for women

CALL - 262-687-8460

We understand that choosing the right OB-GYN care team is an important decision. At Ascension Wisconsin, we deliver compassionate, personalized care for women close to home in Racine, Wisconsin. Whether you need female wellness exams, prenatal and pregnancy care, or menopause care – we're here to listen and understand your needs. If you need help managing menopause, pelvic health conditions, or cancer risk factors, we’ll work together to develop the right care plan for you. To help you focus on being healthy, we promote wellness screenings including mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, thyroid screenings and bone density testing.

Rehabilitation services

If you are recovering from surgery or injury, we emphasize a strong continuity of care from managing your pain to treating the injury or condition. Our hands-on rehabilitation therapists use innovative treatments to improve healing and help you recover quicker. Wisconsin Rehabilitation Services at this location include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Our licensed therapists treat all types of conditions with personalized, non-surgical therapies to improve function and mobility. Our therapists are certified in specialty therapeutic programs, including cancer rehab, geriatric rehabilitation and exercise programs, sport injury rehab, and work injury CARF-accredited programs.

New pre-pay program for therapy service

Don’t let rapidly changing healthcare insurance plans stop you from getting the physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech-language services you need. The Ascension Wisconsin Rehabilitation pre-pay program enables you to pay for services rendered with check, cash or credit card for a very affordable price.

This option provides greater flexibility for patients with different types of insurance coverage:

  • High deductibles
  • A treatment plan that requires limited therapy visits
  • Services not covered by your insurance plan, for example, dry needling or some pediatric therapies
  • Self-pay based on your needs at that time

Patients of all ages can participate in the pre-pay program. For more information, contact an Ascension Wisconsin Rehabilitation Clinic or Hospital near you.

Behavioral and mental health services

Doctors and care teams at Ascension Wisconsin sites of care focus on the whole you, providing behavioral, mental health, and substance use care. Caring for your mental and emotional health can help you more easily handle the stressors that can impact your overall health. If you or your child is feeling sad, overwhelmed or anxious, or struggles with an addiction, start a conversation with your primary care doctor at Ascension Wisconsin sites of care. They will listen to you and work with you on a care plan that’s right for you or your child. And if you need more advanced behavioral, mental health or opioid dependency treatment, your doctor will connect you to specialists, and help provide the compassionate support you need.

  • Substance use dependency programs – When you choose Ascension Wisconsin, you get an AODA counselor and care team specializing in the treatment of opioid and alcohol dependency. Your addiction medicine specialist is certified to administer Suboxone® (buprenorphine), so you can safely withdraw from your addiction. Care teams at Ascension Wisconsin Huiras Center provide an adolescent substance use treatment program. Learn more about our adult and youth services. 

Know what to do in a mental health emergency

Quickly recognizing the signs of moderate to severe mental or emotional distress, or a substance use crisis is the first step in getting necessary care. For emergencies, including severe mental health distress and suspected opioid overdose, ERs at our hospitals are open 24/7. Find emergency care near you. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, go directly to the ER or dial 911.

Care for physical and sexual assault

Your safety is our top priority. If you have been physically or sexually assaulted, we are here for you. You may choose to have a forensic evaluation after being assaulted. Our specialists listen to you and your concerns. Then, we deliver the care you need. At Ascension Wisconsin, we have a dedicated forensic nursing team offering 24/7 care to patients of any age. For more information, please call 262-687-8970.



Outpatient Registry InnovatorThis recognition highlights our dedication to improving chronic disease management and reducing the prevalence of cardiovascular disease. We've been actively engaged in a pilot test of a new Outpatient Quality Improvement Registry, enhancing the quality of heart failure care through data-driven learning. Click here to learn more.