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    About Us

    In Mequon, WI, Ascension Columbia St. Mary's - Seton Professional Building provides health care for every member of your family.

    Ear, nose & throat care

    Our otolaryngology (ENT) doctors at Ascension Wisconsin specialize in the treatment of ear, nose and throat infections. We offer onsite diagnostic testing for allergies and other conditions affecting your ability to hear, smell, breath through your nose and taste. Our ENT doctors are surgical specialists and perform cochlear hearing implantation and procedures to remove tumors and growths.


    Our heart doctors, advanced nurse practitioners and physicians assistants are committed to preventing heart attack and stroke, including:

    • Assessing and preventing heart attack and stroke
    • Diagnosing and treating cardiovascular and peripheral artery disease with the latest diagnostic tests
    • Fixing irregular heartbeats (A-fib) to prevent heart attack and stroke with procedures such as catheter ablation, pacemaker and implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)
    • Offering access to excellent surgical heart and vascular procedures for better patient outcomes
    • Giving you long-term care options to improve your overall heart health

    We believe it’s as important to care for your mind and spirit as it is to care for your body. If conditions such as anxiety complicate your health and well-being, reach out to our specialists. We can help you return to a life without cardiac-related anxieties.

    Ascension Columbia St. Mary's - Seton Professional Building, a department of Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital, is part of a larger network of cardiovascular services at familiar hospitals and clinics throughout Wisconsin. By collaborating with them, we help you find the health care you need, when you need it.


    We understand that choosing the right OB-GYN care team is an important decision. At Ascension Wisconsin, we deliver compassionate, personalized care for women close to home in Mequon, Wisconsin. Whether you need female wellness exams, prenatal and pregnancy care, or menopause care —we're here to listen and understand your needs. If you need help managing menopause, pelvic health conditions, or cancer risk factors, we’ll work together to develop the right care plan for you. To help you focus on being healthy, we promote wellness screenings including mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, thyroid screenings and bone density testing.


    If you think you may have a hearing problem, we deliver personalized hearing tests that are right for you. Our certified audiologists at Ascension Wisconsin deliver personalized care for adults. We listen to understand your concerns. Then, we deliver the care that is right for you. Our audiologists specialize in hearing device treatment plans for progressive and permanent hearing loss due to age or illness.


    Your bladder and prostate health is important to your overall health. From urinary tract infections and kidney stones, to reproductive concerns and cancer -- we’re here to deliver care that’s right for you. Urology care at Ascension Wisconsin provides tests and treatments for conditions that affect your bladder, prostate, kidneys and sexual functions. Our doctors and care team listen to understand you and your health concerns. Then, we work with you to deliver a care plan that’s right for you.

    Memory care and neuropsychology

    Anyone can be forgetful. But if you have gaps in your memory that affect your health or daily life—especially with mood changes, trouble concentrating at work or forgetting recent conversations, it may be time to see a doctor. Family members or close friends may be the first to notice a change in your memory. When you come to meet with our neuropsychology team, we help determine the cause of your memory loss. We start by listening to understand you and your health needs.

    Pulmonary and sleep medicine

    Understanding what triggers your asthma or COPD, or what to do about snoring and sleep apnea is important for your health. And when an infection causes a chronic respiratory illness with an unproductive cough, our pulmonology care team is here to help. Doctors at Ascension Wisconsin in Mequon, Wisconsin, listen to understand you and your health concerns. Then, we work with you to create a care plan that’s right for you.


    At Ascension Wisconsin, we offer solutions for pain and deliver personalized care when your physical and mental health is affected by neurologic disease. To diagnose complex brain and spine conditions, we offer advanced neurodiagnostic imaging including PET, MRI, 3D brain imaging and nerve mapping technology. Our doctors and care teams work together to deliver medication therapies, surgical care options and neurophysiology care for your needs.

    Foot and ankle care specialists onsite

    At this location, Ascension Medical Group Podiatrists in Southeast Wisconsin provide a full range of services for foot and ankle injuries, toe and heel pain, and all podiatry conditions. In Milwaukee and from Sheboygan to Racine, our Ascension podiatrists are all highly experienced and trauma trained to diagnose and treat orthopedic foot, ankle and lower leg injuries in children and adults.

    Conditions include:

    • Foot arthritis
    • Big toe and foot pain
    • Sports injuries
    • Swelling of the legs and feet
    • Diabetic foot evaluations
    • Heel pain and plantar fasciitis
    • Ingrown toenails and plantar warts
    • Wounds and ulcer care
    • Surgical procedures to correct hammertoes, flat feet, ankle deformities and bunions

    At our Sheboygan Clinic, Prospect Medical Commons, and the Brown Deer Foot and Ankle Clinic, we specialize in procedures to surgically correcting foot and ankle injuries or deformities with reconstruction or joint replacement. At these sites our care team also performs minimally invasive procedures to correct bunions.

    Behavioral and mental health services

    Doctors and care teams at Ascension Wisconsin sites of care focus on the whole you, providing behavioral, mental health, and substance use care. Caring for your mental and emotional health can help you more easily handle the stressors that can impact your overall health. If you or your child is feeling sad, overwhelmed or anxious, or struggles with an addiction, start a conversation with your primary care doctor at Ascension Wisconsin sites of care. They will listen to you and work with you on a care plan that’s right for you or your child. And if you need more advanced behavioral, mental health or opioid dependency treatment, your doctor will connect you to specialists, and help provide the compassionate support you need. Learn more about our adult and youth services.

    Know what to do in a mental health emergency

    Quickly recognizing the signs of moderate to severe mental or emotional distress, or a substance use crisis is the first step in getting necessary care. For emergencies, including severe mental health distress and suspected opioid overdose, ERs at our hospitals are open 24/7. Find emergency care near you.