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About Us

Ascension Eastwood Recovery Center in Southfield, MI, provides residential treatment for men seeking recovery from addiction and mental health issues.

Our behavioral health program focuses on your recovery

Our recovery care team at Ascension Eastwood Recovery Center, listens to understand you and deliver personalized care for your recovery. We provide treatment for men experiencing substance use disorders, trauma, and mental health, and we care about how these problems affect physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We provide tools to help you build stronger family relationships and address social isolation issues. Men who enter treatment here may stay up to 5 days in detox and up to 28 days in residential treatment to build a strong foundation for the beginning of your recovery.

Our care team works with you to develop a personalized care plan. We focus on your individual needs and provide one-on-one support, including:

  • An assessment of your needs and goals
  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Daily group therapy
  • Daily education group
  • Recovery meetings such as AA/NA/Recovery Dharma (Buddhist)/SMART (Secular)
  • Eastwood Big Brother (previous alumni)
  • Peer Recovery Coaching

We work with you to develop a plan for after treatment in order for you to be successful in recovery. When needed that plan also includes recovery housing options.

Treatment for behavioral health conditions

No matter what struggles you face, we’re here to help. We offer hope and a place to begin healing. Our care team at Ascension Eastwood Recovery Center specializes in treatment for addiction. We address your behaviors and stress that may make you vulnerable to addictive behaviors. Our recovery care services include, but are not limited to:

  • Addictions
  • Trauma
  • Grief and loss
  • Mental health (anxiety and depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, PTSD, and more)
  • Couple and family conflicts
  • Self-image, self-esteem, and gender-identity
  • Anger management

Our care team helps you adjust to changes in your life such as school, divorce, unemployment, or retirement.

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Our medical team is here to keep you safe and healthy

As part of your addiction treatment program at Ascension Eastwood Recovery Center, our medical care team does a physical and mental health assessment. We provide compassionate support during detox and help make you as comfortable as possible.

Our recovery tech team is here to teach you how to live without using

Our Recovery Tech Team understands how difficult recovery can be. We have been through this process and are there to listen and support you. The Eastwood Brotherhood, a group of recovery center alumni, also offer supportive care during and after your treatment.

Our clinical team is here to help you begin healing emotionally

Your therapist is a licensed clinician. We help you with the deeper issues that affect addiction. The Clinical Team has both personal and professional experience with addiction, mental health, trauma, and relationship issues. Group therapy and educational groups are offered daily, and individual sessions are offered weekly throughout your time in treatment. Then we work with you to create a post-recovery care plan that supports your needs after you complete your treatment program.

Working together, our care team at Ascension Eastwood Recovery Center will help you find your path to recovery.

For life-threatening medical emergencies involving suicidal thoughts, potential drug overdose or self-harm, go to the nearest ER and call 9-1-1.

Funding and cost

Treatment is covered in full by Medicaid and HMP if eligible. Residents in Macomb and Oakland counties may also get funding in full if uninsured. Information regarding specific insurance plans or self-pay rates can be provided by calling Monday-Friday. All inquiries are strictly confidential. Appointments are typically scheduled within 24 hours.

This program is financially subsidized through a grant from the State of Michigan and administered through the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services through contracts with MCOSA and OCHN.

Medical records

Please contact us by phone if you need a copy of your medical records or completion/participation certificate to discuss the process. We will provide all requested records within 30 days of request.

Patient concerns

Patients and families at Ascension Eastwood Recovery Center have a variety of ways to express their satisfaction and concerns regarding their patient care experience. The individual may:

  • Mention any concerns or complaints or suggestions to staff immediately so that the matter can be resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Share your complaint or suggestion with the Clinical Supervisor to help resolve the problem.
  • Contact the Patient Relations department at 810-225-2503.

Each individual also has the right to contact one of the following agencies:

Additional resources

To schedule an appointment or to learn more, please visit Ascension Eastwood Behavioral Health.