Ascension Borgess-Lee Hospital

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  • Primary Care/Clinic
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  • Emergency Care
Visiting Hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

About Us

Borgess Lee-Memorial Hospital serves Dowagiac and Cass County with primary care, cardiovascular, orthopedic, pulmonary and diagnostic services.

Ascension Borges-Lee Hospital serves Dowagiac and Cass County with primary care, secondary services and tertiary care in cardiovascular, orthopedic, pulmonary and diagnostic services.  Thanks to the link with Ascension Borgess Hospital, the hospital offers many specialty services usually found only in larger cities.  

Ascension Borges-Lee Hospital was an early adopter of TeleHealth services, helping stroke patients and others receive immediate and critical assistance.  This has been of immense benefit to patients with cardiovascular or stroke events; behavioral health cases; and the elderly, whose mobility may be challenged.  The hospital also offers leading-edge diagnostic services; advanced surgical techniques and equipment; 24-hour emergency care; a growing ambulatory medical group; rehabilitation, including lymphedema treatments; cardiac diagnosis; cardiac rehabilitation; orthopedic services; and more.  

The hospital was founded in 1918 when the daughter of a local family perished in childbirth.  A statue in  front of the hospital commemorates her brave spirit and dedication to the community.  The Borgess Lee-Memorial Foundation organizes a number of events each year to continue providing excellent medical care close to home for the growing community.