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At our children’s hospitals across Ascension sites of care, we provide plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and craniofacial care.

Plastic surgery for children

Your child’s health and well-being is your priority and ours. Pediatric plastic surgeons specialize in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures for infants, children and teens. Plastic surgery is a reconstructive procedure used to correct an injury or congenital birth condition affecting the skull, face, hands, feet or skin.

Whether you are taking your child to their first appointment or looking for a second opinion, our doctors listen to understand you and your child. Then, we work with you to create a personalized care plan that’s right for your child. A care team meets with your family to provide a thorough evaluation, review image scans and test results, and discuss treatment options.

Craniofacial and reconstructive plastic surgery treatments

We help support your family every step of the way — from diagnosis through recovery. Our pediatric surgeons specialize in advanced surgical treatments, including:

  • Cleft lip and cleft palate surgery
  • Ear reconstruction
  • Intracranial surgery
  • Lip repair and palate closure
  • Nose and jaw reconstruction
  • Pharyngeal flap repair to improve speech
  • Plastic surgery of soft tissues
  • Prosthetics for the face
  • Rib grafts for head and neck reconstruction
  • Skin graft

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Cosmetic procedures for teens

Cosmetic surgery is a treatment option for conditions in teens that are not medically necessary, but can help improve self-image. Cosmetic surgeons at Ascension sites of care provide personalized surgical care to help your teen feel more confident in their appearance. Procedures may include removing a birthmark or scar, smoothing acne scars, reshaping the nose, or pinning the ears back.

Get a second opinion on treatment for your child's condition

There’s a lot to think about when your child has a condition that needs plastic surgery. Getting a second opinion provides more information about your child’s condition. And, it can help increase your confidence in your child’s care plan. Ask if a virtual visit is an option for your child’s second opinion consultation.

If your child is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, go directly to the ER or call 911.

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