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Doctor looking in child's ear.

Ear, nose and throat care, just for kids

ENT doctors at our children’s hospitals across Ascension sites of care deliver pediatric care for ear, nose and throat conditions.

Your child deserves specialized care for their ear, nose and throat conditions. At Ascension sites of care, we understand that children are different from adults. Their bodies are still growing, and need specialized care. Our pediatric otolaryngologists, known as ear, nose and throat doctors, deliver comprehensive care for babies, children and teens.

We diagnose and treat problems such as recurring ear infections, breathing and swallowing, cleft lip, enlarged tonsils, hearing loss, chronic ear disease, congenital neck masses, congenital airway conditions, sinus issues, and head and neck cancer. If your child needs more care, we specialize in ENT procedures such as ear tube placements and tonsillectomies (tonsil removal).

Hearing evaluations for children

If your child is having difficulties hearing, we’re here for your family. Our team delivers hearing tests and evaluations designed especially for children. Small children often struggle to follow instructions in adult hearing tests. So we use pediatric audiology tests with kid-friendly sounds and images. This helps deliver a more accurate diagnosis and treatment for your child. Our care teams have experience helping children with special needs and developmental delays.

Get a second opinion on your child's condition

For some ear, nose and throat conditions, getting a second opinion can be helpful. Getting a second opinion provides more information about your child’s condition and may increase your confidence in your child’s care plan. Ask if a virtual visit is an option for your child’s second opinion appointment.

If your child is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, go directly to the ER or call 911.

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Ascension has a compassionate, personalized approach to Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Care.