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Ascension Wisconsin Cancer Prevention and Wellness Program in Southeast Wisconsin and Fox Valley.

Ascension Wisconsin focuses on cancer prevention

If you have risk factors for developing cancer, speak with your doctor to determine if the Ascension Wisconsin Cancer Prevention and Wellness Program is right for you.

Understanding and managing your risk for cancer 

Being at a higher risk for developing cancer can leave you with a lot of questions and uncertainty. Your Ascension Wisconsin doctor and care team are here to listen, support you and answer your questions. Understanding your risk and getting the recommended screenings can help to detect cancer early when it’s most treatable. 

The Ascension Wisconsin Cancer Prevention and Wellness Program specializes in the assessment and care for those who are at increased risk for developing cancer. Your team can recommend targeted screenings, testing and follow-up care based on your individual risk factors. We’ll work closely with you to create a personalized plan and connect you to the care that supports your overall well-being and health goals.

Do you know if you are at increased risk for cancer? 

Start with a conversation

Ascension Wisconsin associates answer questions about genetic counseling and explains how your family's medical history is an important tool to help your provider plan, improve and be proactive with your care.

Our Cancer Prevention and Wellness care team provides a guide and printable collection tool to help you create a family health history to better understand possible hereditary cancer. Once you complete the guide, you and your doctor can discuss your family medical history (parents, siblings and other relatives who had cancer), how genes are linked to certain types of cancer, and what medical conditions and lifestyle choices can increase your risk for developing cancer.

Your family health history can help you and your provider understand what diseases and cancers you are at a higher risk for developing. It is important for you to understand that just because you have a family history of a certain disease, does not necessarily mean you will get it. If you have risk factors for specifically developing cancer, talk with your doctor to determine if the Ascension Wisconsin Cancer Prevention and Wellness Program is right for you.

While your genetics may not be modifiable or something you can change, there are some modifiable or changeable things in your everyday life to decrease your risk.

If any of the following apply to you, you may be at a higher risk for some cancers:

Non-modifiable (non-controllable or changeable):

  • Personal and family history of cancer
  • Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry
  • Close family history of cancer (diagnosed younger than 50)
  • Family history of ovarian, pancreatic, metastatic prostate or male breast cancer
  • Known genetic mutation (personal or family history, such as BRCA1 or 2)
  • Multiple family members who have been diagnosed with cancer
Other factors
  • Diagnosed with colon polyps (greater than 10 in your lifetime)
  • Previously diagnosed with certain infections, such as:
    • Helicobacter pylori/H.pylori
    • Hepatitis B or C virus
    • Human Papillomavirus/HPV
  • An abnormal breast biopsy result
  • Radiation treatment to the chest before age 30
Modifiable (controllable or changeable) lifestyle choices
  • Current or former smoker or tobacco user
  • Excess sun or UV exposure (for example, sunlamps or tanning beds)
  • Non-active lifestyle
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Obesity

The Cancer Prevention and Wellness team uses personal and family history, as well as genetic testing, to assess cancer risk of individuals and their family members. Once the risks are determined, we provide cancer screenings and design a personalized risk reduction plan. Our care team works closely with you and your primary care doctor to develop strategies for follow-up surveillance and a personalized wellness plan. 

Personalized risk assessment

At your appointment, an advanced practice clinician takes time to understand you and your health concerns. We review your personal and family history and will recommend a cancer prevention care plan that supports your overall well-being. Your care team at Ascension Wisconsin Cancer Prevention and Wellness Program provides a personalized risk assessment that may include:

  • Genetic tests based on your cancer risk factors
  • Physical evaluation

Your team helps make your appointments for testing and will refer you to a specialist for additional care, as needed. We’re here every step of the way to listen, support and answer your questions. 

Personalized wellness plan

Ascension Wisconsin doctors and care team focus on your personal wellness. We work with you to create a personalized wellness plan that supports your health goals. With health coaching and goal setting, your personal wellness plan may include: 

  • Enhanced screening and testing to find cancer when it's more easily treatable
  • Risk reducing medication management, if appropriate
  • Genetic counseling and testing
  • Risk reducing surgery or interventions, if appropriate
  • Health coaching and goal setting
  • Smoking and tobacco cessation plans by a certified tobacco treatment specialist, including medications and behavior modification
  • Referrals to other specialist for the treatment of risk factors as determined by assessment (such as registered dietician or weight management)
  • Plan for follow-up care and communication with your primary care provider

Our program care team shares your wellness plan with your primary care doctor. At Ascension Wisconsin Cancer Prevention and Wellness, we're here to help connect you to specialists and support your health and wellness goals. Our doctors can also explain potential clinical trials – research that focuses on cancer prevention, such as breast cancer risk reduction.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call 262-785-2273. Virtual visits may be available.

Cancer Prevention and Wellness Program locations

We provide the Ascension Wisconsin Cancer Prevention and Wellness Program at many locations, close to home:

Southeast Wisconsin

Fox Valley, Wisconsin

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