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Cancer support services in Nashville

Ascension Saint Thomas provides informational classes and resources focused on patient wellness.

Getting a cancer diagnosis can be difficult for you and your family. But you’re not alone. Care teams at Ascension Saint Thomas are here for you — from your first appointment, through treatment and recovery. Your care plan involves more than just cancer treatments. The Ascension Saint Thomas Cancer Wellness and Survivorship program is here to help and support you by offering informational classes and resources to help you and your family.

You can take any of our classes for your emotional, mental and physical well-being. These programs are all funded through the generous support of the Ascension Saint Thomas Foundation.

Ascension Saint Thomas Cancer Wellness classes and support groups

These programs are designed to increase your knowledge of diet and nutrition, help you reduce stress, and increase your general well-being. Our certified exercise physiologist performs individualized evaluations before you start any of our in-person programs.

  • Exercise
    Paired with a certified exercise physiologist, our 12-week program provides personalized exercise guidance to help you achieve your goals. We can help you reduce fatigue,  improve balance, build strength, and reintegrate daily family, work and social activities. Let us help support you on your journey to renewed vitality and well-being.
  • Yoga
    Our yoga classes are part of a steady-paced session that focus on cultivating balance in both body and mind. Yoga helps emphasize the connection between breath, mind and body. The class is tailored to accommodate the individual needs of our participants, making it suitable and adaptable for those in recovery or living with cancer.
  • Mindfulness meditation
    During each 30-minute session, the instructor gently guides you through mindfulness techniques aimed at fostering a sense of calm, inner peace and emotional resilience. Through focused breathing exercises and gentle movement, we help you cultivate awareness of the present moment, allowing for greater acceptance and self-compassion amidst the challenges of cancer treatment. This session is open to all cancer patients seeking a moment of respite and renewal in their journey toward healing.
  • Nutrition education
    Join our  interactive discussions about nutrition and cancer wellness. Participants can  gain   practical strategies for maintaining a well-balanced diet to manage side effects, boost immunity and support overall well-being. Our class helps you understand dietary guidelines and explore specific nutrient-rich foods. Our goal is to equip you with  knowledge and tools that help  empower your dietary choices and promote healing and vitality as part of your cancer care.
  • Women’s and men's cancer wellness support groups
    In collaboration with Tennessee Oncology, our virtual women's and men's support groups provide a nurturing space for individuals affected by cancer. We can help you  find solace, support and educational resources. The support groups are led by compassionate facilitators who share experiences and exchange valuable information. Whether you're seeking a listening ear, educational programming, or simply a community of understanding peers, our groups provide a safe haven for men and women. Our goal is to help empower, connect and heal.
  • Post-treatment support group
    After cancer treatment, patients may find themselves in a challenging and uncertain period. Our post-treatment support group helps you navigate this phase. We share experiences and provide mutual support. Our focus is to address post-treatment topics that matter most to our patients. We provide an understanding environment where individuals can find solace and solidarity in their journey toward healing.
  • Caregiver’s cancer support group
    Supporting a loved one who has cancer can feel overwhelming at times. Our group aims to ease your burden by providing a supportive space for caregivers to connect, share experiences and access valuable resources. Whether you're a seasoned caregiver or new to this role, we believe in the power of open dialogue and shared knowledge to provide comfort and assistance. Our group is here to help you navigate this experience, and find strength and support in each other along the way.

Please register for classes by calling Saint Thomas Cancer Care Support Services at 615-284-CARE (2273) or email

Online oncology wellness classes


Talk with your doctor or call us at 615-284-2273 to learn about wellness programs at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown, West and Rutherford.

Wellness Center Locations

Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown Cancer Wellness Studio
2004 Hayes Street, Suite 225
Nashville, TN 37203

Ascension Saint Thomas West Wellness Center
4220 Harding Road
3rd Floor S & E Building
Nashville, TN 37205

Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford Wellness Center
1840 Medical Center Pkwy #203
Murfreesboro, TN 37130