Studer Family Children's Hospital Autism Center

Studer Family Children's Hospital Autism Center in Pensacola, FL, delivers personalized, compassionate care for children with autism.

Care for children and teens with autism and other related conditions

Your child’s healthy development is our priority. At Studer Family Children's Hospital Autism Center, we provide services for children with autism and other related conditions. Having a child with autism may require additional support and care. We provide you with education and resources to help you care for your child. This includes special training for family members and caregivers on how to care for your child in your home, at school, and in community settings.

Personalized care for your child and family

At Studer Family Children's Hospital Autism Center, we start by getting to know you and your child. By better understanding your child, we create a personalized care plan. Our multispecialty care team provides a range of services, including:

  • Community integrative therapy approach to train life skills in the community
  • Family support, education, and hands-on training
  • Feeding therapy
  • Group training for families and professional
  • Occupational therapy
  • Social skill building
  • Speech therapy

The autism center was designed with your child’s needs in mind. Our creative environment is tailored to the sensory needs and preferences of your child to provide fun and motivating therapy opportunities. The autism center includes:

  • A garden where children can plant seeds and even grow food for feeding therapy sessions.
  • A turfed and fenced outdoor play area with multiple play structures, a trampoline, and a water table for therapy sessions.
  • Large sensory gym that includes a trampoline, crash pads, climbing mats, foam building blocks, balancing structures, and tunnels.
  • Low-sensory rooms equipped with a sensory station, designed to calm children. There are also mirrors, bean bags, and stereo capabilities for music or soothing noise machine functions.
  • Sensory swing structures for calming, grounding, and alerting effects.
  • Space to be used for treatment, movement-based sensorimotor strategies, and caregiver-education classes.

Focusing on family-centered care

At Studer Family Children's Hospital, we understand that each family has unique needs. No one knows your child better than you do. We work with you to deliver the care that’s right for your child and encourage you to be involved in their therapy sessions. Family involvement makes a big impact on how effective your child’s care plan is. You are a valued member of your child's care team, and your input is important. We understand families need support to help their child communicate and develop social skills. To help your child succeed and to support you along this journey, a social worker is part of our care team to provide family support services.

Parent education classes

Our team offers educational classes to help support your family. Pre-registration is required for all classes. Classes are open to all families in the community, no matter where you are receiving treatment. Find out more and register online.

Partnering with your community

With your consent, we coordinate with your child's teachers, doctors, therapists, and family members to help your child reach their goals. We also partner with the University of West Florida, CARD, Autism Pensacola, Inc., Early Steps, and the local school districts. We welcome opportunities to guide students and community members through volunteering, observation, and even formal clinical hours for graduate students with supervision from our qualified therapists. Students implement evidence-based projects, connect the latest research to practice, and gain hands-on feedback from experienced professionals. We use the latest research and best practices for our patients.

Studer Family Children's Hospital Autism Center