North Florida patients find relief with orthopedic surgery | Ascension

North Florida patients find relief with orthopedic surgery

Wear and tear of the hip, knee and other joints is part of aging, but Pensacola, FL patients find relief with minimally invasive surgery at Ascension Sacred Heart.

The children’s song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” takes on a more serious tone as you age - when inflammation, pain and stiffness throughout your body keep you from doing activities you enjoy. Nearly 50% of older adults experience hip or knee pain, leading healthy-feeling adults down a path of reduced mobility and inactivity.

When therapeutic treatments like medications, physical therapy and steroid injections no longer relieve pain, it may be time to start a conversation with an orthopedic specialist who listens. Orthopedic specialists at Ascension Sacred Heart Regional Joint Replacement Center in Pensacola, Florida, use minimally invasive surgery techniques and the latest technology, including robotic-assisted surgery, to ease pain and shorten recovery time.

Minimally invasive surgical options

James, age 70, put off having hip surgery for many years because he was scared about losing his independence after surgery. 

After undergoing minimally invasive hip replacement surgery at Ascension Sacred Heart, James walked without pain for the first time in nine years. His orthopedic surgeon at Ascension Sacred Heart performed a “muscle-sparing” surgery that didn’t require cutting into muscles and tendons.

During the 40-minute procedure, the surgeon makes a small four-inch incision near the front of the hip then gently pushes the muscle and ligaments aside, allowing him to remove damaged bone and cartilage, and implant an artificial hip. 

After surgery, James took his first steps with a walker. With twice-weekly physical therapy sessions, he quickly transitioned to walking independently. “I’m pain-free now. I’m moving around like I was 20 years younger,” he said. 

Aging, injury or joint stress can wear down the soft protective cushioning in your knee joints, resulting in pain, stiffness and swelling. The risk of developing “wear-and-tear” arthritis increases as you age.

Advanced technology can help shorten your recovery

Talton, age 62, was an offensive lineman during his heyday in football, but the impact of the contact sport didn’t catch up with him until later in life when he worked at a paper mill. Talton said standing on a concrete floor every day for 27 years took a toll on his knees. 

When knee pain started affecting Talton’s quality of life, he turned to Dr. E. Jean Dabezies, an orthopedic joint replacement surgeon with Ascension Sacred Heart, a hospital recognized with a Gold Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission for high-quality care and surgical outcomes.

Board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Ascension Sacred Heart have the expertise to perform advanced procedures, like minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgery for hip and knee replacements, that can offer a higher level of accuracy and a more personalized surgical experience, which may mean a smaller incision and may lead to a quicker recovery.

During robotic-assisted total knee replacements, surgeons take detailed imaging to build a virtual model of the patient's knee. The 3D model allows surgeons to create an individualized surgical plan and implant placement before entering the operating room. Surgeons can make necessary adjustments during surgery while guiding the robotic arm to execute the plan. 

Since retiring, Talton has kept active, maintaining 40 acres of land in McDavid, Florida. “When you retire, everybody finds something for you to do,” he said. “I’m grateful I can do activities that would have been impossible before my knee surgery.”

Don’t delay care for joint pain

Our orthopedic specialists and care teams at Ascension Sacred Heart Regional Joint Replacement Center work with you to create a personalized care plan with the goal of reducing pain and increasing your mobility.

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