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From brain surgery to back and neck pain relief, our expert neurosurgery team can give you complete, personalized neurological and neurosurgical care.

About Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery can treat conditions of the nerves, brain and spine. Ascension's skilled neurosurgeons excel at performing these delicate procedures and helping to heal the body’s complex nervous system.

You’ll start with a thorough evaluation from your neurologist, who will work closely with you to explore nonsurgical medical treatment options first. When it's required, neurosurgery — including minimally invasive procedures — can often improve your symptoms for good. We offer advanced treatment for brain and nerve disorders, carpal tunnel issues, spinal cord injuries, lumbar disk disease and other related conditions.

Your doctor will explain the details of your surgery, answer all your questions and make sure you’re comfortable with your treatment. The benefits of neurosurgery are countless, and Ascension's compassionate and personalized care help set us apart.


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