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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Whatever your heart condition, Ascension's cardiac rehabilitation program provides complete care for you, from diagnosis to recovery.

About Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation continues the care plan after treatment or procedures for conditions such as congestive heart failure, heart attack, open-heart surgery or cardiac transplant. At Ascension, our team of registered nurses, respiratory therapists and exercise specialists work together to help speed your recovery so you can get back to enjoying your life.

Our cardiac rehab therapists are skilled heart-health educators who focus on physical recovery, emotional health and working closely with your cardiologist. They’ll develop a cardiac rehabilitation experience that’s personalized to your needs.

Ascension’s cardiac rehabilitation program combines education, exercise and emotional support, and can significantly reduce the risk of repeat cardiac events. Your customized care program includes an exercise plan that evolves with your recovery, education and training to help you lower heart-disease risk factors and make healthier choices, as well as techniques to manage stress so you can achieve greater independence and better quality of life.


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