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In Chilton, WI, Ascension Calumet Hospital delivers intensive therapies to improve your quality of life after a trauma injury, stroke or surgery.

Personalized care for your rehabilitation needs

Ascension Calumet Hospital provides compassionate care for your rehabilitation needs. Our team includes doctors, rehabilitation-certified nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, nutritionists and respiratory therapists.

The inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) is located on the hospital campus and this facility is for patients who are transitioning to post-acute care after being discharged from the hospital. To be accepted to the IRF, you must agree to actively participate in the daily schedule of therapy sessions and self-care activities.

Inpatient rehabilitation facility services

We work together to deliver care that is right for you. Our care team treats conditions that affect movement, swallowing, and your ability to communicate. We help build your strength during the early stages of your recovery. Your therapy schedule is designed to help you live a more independent life after you leave the IRF.

We commonly care for adults with a variety of post-acute care needs due to:

We welcome family members to support your daily activities at the IRF and to learn how to help make adjustments to future home care activities.

Types of post-acute care

If you are hospitalized for serious illness or injury, your doctor may recommend some type of post-acute care after being discharged from the hospital. Ascension Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities are associated with helping patients attain a higher level of functional movement over a specific period of time.

Other post-acute care options may include home health care with nursing, respiratory care and rehabilitation therapy or a skilled nursing home.

For patients who are discharged from the hospital to recover at home, Ascension Calumet Hospital has a network for outpatient physical therapy clinics and cardiac rehabilitation centers to help you continue your recovery with guided therapy and exercises.