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Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Calumet Medical Center Auxiliary’s Gift Shop Chair: Diane Bendickson

By Kristal Coats, Gift Shop and Fundraising Coordinator

Diane Bendickson

Diane has been volunteering for over 10 years in the Auxiliary Gift Shop at Ascension Calumet Hospital. She was recruited to volunteer through a friend, Eileen Keuler, who also volunteered in the gift shop. Through volunteering, she has made many more friendships and has been able to reconnect with people she has not seen in a while.

Diane grew up in Racine, but shortly after turning 18 she moved to Chilton. Prior to becoming a volunteer, she worked for over 28 years with Chilton Furniture. Before that, she spent many years doing wallpapering, staining, painting, and making window treatments. Diane has also done work as a substitute teacher, with one of her favorite positions being in the special education art department.

What Diane loves most about the gift shop, is being able to express her artistic side with displays and buying products to sell in the store. Diane stated, “Volunteering is a nice way to keep active in retirement, and it keeps you out with the rest of the world instead of being cooped up inside all day.”

Diane loves helping customers pick out gifts and items that they will love and cherish. She describes herself as friendly and can express that through her volunteer work in the gift shop. Outside of volunteering, Diane likes to sew and scrapbook. Some of her favorite scrapbooks she has created are for her children when they graduated high school and when they turned forty. When asked what her future plans are, Diane responded “to be happy and healthy.”

Meet Susan Morgen & Barb Piencikowski

By Kristal Coats, Gift Shop & Fundraising Coordinator, and Laura Hensel, Coordinator

Sisters, Susan, and Barb, have something more in common than being siblings. They are both Ascension Wisconsin volunteers. They volunteer just across the lake from each other. Susan at Ascension Calumet Hospital and Barb at Ascension NE Wisconsin - Mercy Campus. Susan (the oldest) and Barb (the second oldest) grew up in Chilton in a family of eight children. They lived on Brooklyn Street close to the hospital. Barb and Susan are one and a half years apart in age and are very close.

Susan has been volunteering with Ascension Calumet for over 10 years. Before being recruited by volunteer Ann Korb, Sue had heard about the Calumet Hospital Auxiliary and hospital volunteering through several different organizations. Currently, she volunteers in the Gift Shop and also within the community at Homestead in New Holstein. She volunteered in transport in the past and has also helped with Auxiliary fundraisers.

When Sue was asked what two words she would use to describe herself, she responded with “people person.” Sue loves being around people and talking to the locals who find themselves visiting the hospital. In the Gift Shop, Sue helps customers pick out items, make purchases, and helps keep the shop neat and tidy. Sue states, “Volunteering is not a hard job, it’s good for you and the patients.”

Outside of volunteering, Sue enjoys being around animals and doing yardwork. When asked what her plans for the future were, Sue responded “stay healthy.”

Barb has been volunteering at Ascension Mercy since 2017 when she became interested in volunteering as a Eucharistic Minister distributing “holy communion” to patients. In addition, she volunteers at the Reception Desk.

Barb says, “I look forward to Monday mornings and working with people, being busy and doing worthwhile volunteer work. I enjoy the gratitude I receive from people I escort to various areas of the hospital. Also, I get at least 10,000 steps each shift.”

As a teenager, Barb would walk to Calumet Hospital to work. Barb worked as a RN at Mercy Hospital for 33 years. She fondly recalls, “As a nurse, I loved being part of a team. My co-workers helped me personally and professionally.” 

In her spare time, Barb is an avid quilter, reader and volunteers preparing dinners for funerals at St. Raphael Church. Barb also has a passion for traveling!  She is planning a spring trip to Peru and will visit Machu Picchu with her daughter. Her future plans are to continue to travel, “I am a good walker and I want to enjoy traveling while I can.”

We appreciate both Susan and Barb for their giving personalities and people skills. Traits they were brought up with and are willing to share at both Ascension Calumet and Ascension Mercy.


Meet Eileen Keuler

By Kristal Coats, Volunteer Coordinator

Eileen started volunteering at Ascension Calumet Hospital in 2002 after she suddenly found herself without a job. After talking with some of the volunteers, she decided to volunteer instead of looking for another job and she soon found that it would be something she would love to do. After 20 years she has continued to volunteer in multiple areas.

Eileen currently volunteers as a Eucharistic Minister and also in the gift shop. As a Eucharistic Minister she delivers Catholic prayers to patients. Eileen is very people oriented which allows her to excel in these volunteer areas; making sure each patient or guest is taken care of. She has also served as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Calumet Auxiliary for several years now.

Outside of Ascension, Eileen volunteers at her local Church and for senior meals. Eileen also loves to quilt, read, and put together puzzles in her free time.

What Eileen loves most about volunteering is meeting people and helping others. Eileen states, "We do a lot of helping others- it gives you satisfaction that you've done something good for the community." Through her volunteer work, Eileen has gained several friendships and some memorable experiences- such as the time when a tornado touched down in a town nearby and the hospital had to go on an actual tornado lockdown drill. When asked what her plans for the future were, Eileen responded "live day to day."