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Genesys PACE in Flint, MI, provides tools and resources to help those struggling to maintain their independence and safety at home.

At Genesys PACE, our goal is to help you stay strong and healthy in the place you call home, whether that be a house, apartment or with family. We will also help schedule medical appointments and transportation, as well as refill prescriptions. Genesys PACE is not a residence or a facility. We are a team of dedicated individuals who help provide resources to help you maintain your independence and lifestyle.

The first step is getting to know you through individual staff assessments by our Interdisciplinary Team. This team represents 11 fields of expertise, both medical and non-medical. From there, we work with you to create a personalized care plan that is right for you. This plan details what services are provided, where and how often. The plan supports your rights, independence and goals and is evaluated on a regular schedule. Family and caregivers are important and involved.


For more information on Genesys PACE in Michigan, please call 810-236-7500 (TTY 810-236-7554) and speak to our intake team. Or, step inside Genesys PACE to meet staff and see firsthand our commitment to you.

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Genesys PACE provides many services both inside and outside a home. These services may include primary medical care, hospital, home care and therapy services. Meals, medication management, nutrition counseling, social services, transportation, medical supplies, leisure and social activities are possible options as well.

In the home: Our home care nurse and social worker visit the home. Through careful assessment, they evaluate needs within the home. This includes assessing for possible safety concerns. PACE refills prescriptions and delivers them to participant homes.

Through specialists and services: All services needed by participants are available through Genesys PACE. This network includes specialists, hospital, emergency, caregiver respite, hospice and skilled nursing care.

Genesys PACE Center: We are located in the heart of downtown Flint, Michigan. This home-like center was built for older adults and around their needs. We provide personal care, medical, therapy and supportive services. Participants enjoy fellowship, activities and meals served to them.