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Personalized healthcare for women

Doctors at Ascension Seton provide care for your women’s health needs, including screenings, gynecologic and maternity care, and specialty care.

Specialists Ascension Seton in Central Texas care for the whole you. Whether it’s time for a well-woman visit, surgery or you need to see a specialist, you’re connected to the care you need. And when you want to talk through something that’s worrying you, we listen. Start a conversation with your doctor about what’s on your mind and get the care that’s right for you, including:

At Ascension Seton, your doctors are on the same team, working with you and for you. So, you’ll find that getting all the care you need is that much easier.

Choosing the right OB-GYN and care team is personal

Your OB-GYN provides care from yearly exams and screenings to care during pregnancy and through menopause. We understand the unique healthcare needs of women. Our multispecialty team is made up of highly experienced doctors. You are connected to specialists in maternal-fetal medicine, gynecologic oncology, minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, urogynecology and more. Together, we deliver comprehensive care for women in Central Texas.


Get care for your everyday health

Staying well starts with choosing a doctor who listens to understand you. Whether you need a yearly wellness exam or checkup, vaccinations, help managing a chronic condition, have a minor illness, or want to talk to a doctor about what’s on your mind, your primary care doctor is your first stop. Talk with your doctor about everyday healthcare questions, emotional health needs and concerns about symptoms. And, your doctor can help you stay healthy by providing preventive care and finding health concerns early.

If you have a health condition that needs more advanced care, your doctor will connect you to the right specialists at Ascension Seton.


Choose a maternity care team that's right for you

Doctors and care teams at Ascension Seton start by getting to know you, answering your questions and understanding your preferences. You’ll be supported by a team that will provide the care you need throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. And you are connected to specialists in neonatology and other pediatric specialists at Dell Children’s, if needed.

If you have a complex or high-risk pregnancy, you are connected to our maternal-fetal medicine doctors and care teams to diagnose, treat and manage your care. Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin offers the highest level of maternity care for high-risk pregnancies.

If your baby is at risk, such as babies in utero suspected to have birth anomalies, you may be connected to the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center at Dell Children’s Medical Center and the highest level of neonatal care at Dell Children’s Medical Center’s Level IV NICU. Maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialists, OB-GYNs, neonatologists, sonographers, genetic counselors, psychologists, and pediatric specialists are ready to support you and your baby. Find out more about advanced maternity and fetal care at Dell Children’s.


Advanced gynecologic care

Start a conversation with a gynecologist who understands you and your preferences and answers your questions. Your doctor at Ascension Seton provides routine wellness exams and screenings, preventive care, gynecological surgery, menopause care, emotional health, breast diseases, and more.


Get up to date on breast health screenings

Talk with your doctor about the right screening plan for you. With regular screenings, breast cancer can be found early when it's most treatable. And now, with advanced technology like 3D mammography, you and your doctor can get a clearer picture of your breast health.


Heart care specialized for women

Cardiologists at Ascension Seton provide woman-focused heart care. We specialize in caring for common heart conditions, including heart disease, heart attack and chronic chest pain. Our cardiologists also have the expertise to provide perinatal heart care for women with an increased risk for cardiac-related complications during pregnancy, including preeclampsia.


Personalized skin care for women

Our dermatologists deliver personalized medical and cosmetic skin care. We specialize in skin cancer care using Mohs micrographic surgery. And, we offer a wide range of cosmetic skin care treatments, including BOTOX®, microneedling, laser treatments and more.


Find supportive weight management

Weight loss is personal, and so is the way we care for you. At Ascension Seton, we provide supportive weight-loss options, including medically supervised weight loss and bariatric weight-loss surgery. We start by listening to understand you. Then, we work with you to create a personalized weight-loss plan.



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At Ascension Seton, we connect the dots for you, from preventive screenings to specialists who are right for you and your family.