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Women's healthcare in Austin

Whether you need a wellness exam, OB-GYN or maternity care, cancer screenings or specialty care, doctors at Ascension Seton are here for you.

Taking control of your health starts with finding a care team to support you. And by choosing Ascension Seton in Austin, Texas, you are connected to the care you need, close to home. Our doctors always start by listening to you. We know that each woman is unique. By understanding you and your health, we deliver the care that’s right for you. 

Get care for your everyday health

Taking care of yourself so that you can continue to take care of those you love is important. And staying well starts with choosing a doctor who listens to understand you. Whether you need a yearly wellness exam or checkup, vaccinations, help managing a chronic condition, have a minor illness, or want to talk to a doctor about what’s on your mind, your primary care doctor is your first stop. Talk with your doctor about everyday healthcare questions, emotional health needs and concerns about symptoms. And, your doctor can help you stay healthy by providing preventive care and finding health concerns early. 

If you have a health condition that needs more advanced care, your primary care doctor will connect you to a specialist in heart care, OB-GYN, brain and spine care, cancer care, orthopedic care, mental health, weight management and more. 


Choosing the right OB-GYN and care team is personal

You want an OB-GYN who understands you and your preferences and answers your questions — big and small. Find a doctor you feel comfortable talking to. Your OB-GYN provides care throughout every stage of your life — from yearly exams and screenings to care during pregnancy and through menopause. We understand the unique healthcare needs of women and moms.

Choose a maternity care team that's right for you

Whether you’re having your first baby or you’re an experienced mom, you know your body best and your preferences are important. It takes a true healthcare partner to understand that no one knows your body better than you. So, doctors and care teams at Ascension Seton start by getting to know you, answer your questions and understand your preferences. You’ll be supported by a team that will provide the care you need throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery, follow-up care, pediatrics and beyond. We listen and talk through the choices that are right for you and your baby. 

Not all women will need more care during their pregnancy, labor or delivery. But if you do, our care teams are ready to support mom and baby with extra care. We connect the dots for moms who have received a high-risk pregnancy diagnosis and deliver support at every step including access to the most pediatric specialists and specialty programs for newborns at Dell Children’s. 


Mom and daughters laughing on couchGet up-to-date on breast health screenings

Finding breast cancer early can help save lives. That’s why it’s important for women to get a mammogram every year, beginning at age 40. At Ascension Seton, we offer many types of mammograms, including 3D mammography, the most advanced breast screening technology. Mammograms give you and your doctor a better understanding of your breast health.

By getting to know you and your health history, we can recommend the breast screening that’s right for you. Make time for screenings that may help catch things early. And talk with your doctor anytime you have concerns between screenings.


Personalized skin care for women

Whether you are concerned about a spot on your skin or you’re wanting to smooth fine lines — we’re here for your skincare needs. Our dermatologists deliver personalized medical and cosmetic skin care. We specialize in skin cancer removal using Mohs micrographic surgery. And, we offer a wide range of cosmetic skin care treatments, including BOTOX®, microneedling, laser treatments and more.


Heart care specialized for women

Cardiologists at Ascension Seton provide woman-focused heart care. We specialize in caring for heart conditions that commonly affect women, including heart disease, heart attack and chronic chest pain. We also offer perinatal cardiac care for women at increased risk for cardiac complications during pregnancy. And we provide follow-up care for women who experienced preeclampsia during their pregnancy. 

If you are an existing patient, ask if a virtual (telehealth) visit is an option for your appointment.