Man in hospital bed meeting with his care team.

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For individuals dealing with long-term, serious conditions, Ascension's palliative care teams help relieve symptoms while providing family support.

About Palliative Care Medicine

If you're living with a chronic condition, you and your family may experience significant stress from the burden of ongoing medical challenges. Receiving complex treatments, suffering difficult symptoms, learning about the illness and coordinating types of care can make the strain of daily management overwhelming.

Ascension provides expert palliative care to both individuals and families. If you are living with an illness, your care plan focuses on symptom relief. Our goal is to both minimize physical hardships and improve your immediate and long-term quality of life. For families, our treatment includes personalized counseling with experts trained to guide relatives and friends through intense emotions and difficult decisions.

Palliative care can help support you and your family at any stage of illness. With Ascension's compassionate and personalized services, there's no need to face the burden of a serious illness alone.


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