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New mom holding her baby at a birthing center

Get personalized pregnancy care in Waco

Maternity care teams at Ascension Providence are here for you. From OB-GYN and midwifery care, to pregnancy, birthing and beyond.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to having a baby. And no one knows your body better than you do. Your preferences are important. That’s why the conversation between you and your OB-GYN or midwife matters. Your care team at Ascension Providence, in Waco, Texas, starts by listening to you. As you share your questions, concerns and expectations, we listen to understand you. We take this partnership seriously. And we want you to feel comfortable.

From the very beginning, we talk through the choices that are right for you and your baby. You’ll be supported by a team that will provide the care you need — from childbirth classes to breastfeeding support and more.

Pregnancy and birthing care for expecting families

Pregnancy is a special time for you and your family. Your care team works together to provide specialized care before, during and after your delivery. At Ascension Providence Women's and Newborn Center, our care team provides exceptional care, close to home. Working together, we can help deliver a memorable birth experience that includes:

  • Advanced, in-office live 3D ultrasound, fetal monitoring and lab services
  • Birthing options include certified nurse midwife and natural birth without epidural
  • Breastfeeding support including lactation consultation and parenting classes
  • High-risk pregnancy care
  • Level II NICU for babies born premature (after 32 weeks) monitored by neonatal nurse practitioners 24/7
  • OB phone nurse is available to answer your questions throughout your pregnancy
  • Supported by the highest level of NICU care at Dell Children’s Medical Center and Dell Children’s specialists

Ascension Providence midwifery care during and after pregnancy

Certified nurse midwives work alongside your care team to deliver personalized care. We understand you are unique — and so are your healthcare needs and choices. We're ready to listen, answer your questions and provide the care that you need at each step of your pregnancy journey, including:

  • Annual well-woman exams
  • Care during labor and delivery
  • Classes on pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding and postpartum
  • Emotional and mental health support
  • Family planning services (pre-pregnancy planning and preconception care)
  • Postpartum care
  • Prenatal care
  • Support for natural birthing experience with less medical intervention

Ascension Providence certified nurse midwives provide the freedom and flexibility of midwifery care within a hospital setting. If additional care is needed during pregnancy or birth, you can rest assured that OB-GYNs and other specialists are onsite at our women’s hospitals and birthing centers to provide the care you need.

Connection to Dell Children’s Level IV NICU

Your care team is ready for the unexpected. You and your baby will have access to a high-quality neonatal nursery and a network of experienced pediatric specialists. If you have a newborn who is premature or needs extra care, we can connect you to the highest level of care for newborn babies at Dell Children's Medical Center. Dell Children's has a Level IV NICU for babies born early or with a health condition. For more information, go to:

Advanced care for high-risk pregnancy

Not everyone will need specialized high-risk care for their pregnancy. But if you do, Ascension Providence care teams are here for you. Our OB-GYNs and pediatricians are ready to support you and your family. We provide high-quality neonatal nursery care with access to a network of pediatric specialists. If you have a newborn who is premature or needs extra care, Dell Children's also has a Level IV NICU. For more information, go to:

Dell Children's pediatric specialists

Your growing family is our priority. When you have your baby at Ascension Providence, have confidence knowing you are connected to a network of specialty care at Dell Children’s Medical Center. We have more pediatric specialists and specialty programs than any other hospital in the region, including care for heart conditions, epilepsy, cancer and blood disorders, mental health and ENT. For Dell Children’s pediatric specialty care, go to:

Take a tour or attend a childbirth class

At Ascension Providence, we’re here to answer your questions and provide support throughout and after your pregnancy. During your first prenatal check-up, your OB-GYN or certified nurse midwife will tell you about support services and childbirth classes that are available to you. By taking childbirth classes, you can learn more about your birthing options and what to expect.