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High-tech device provides real-time management of heart failure

Ascension St. Vincent’s new technology gives Jacksonville man a second chance with real-time management of heart failure.

Eugene Kohl, 85, is no stranger to heart problems. He has been hospitalized four times for heart failure and has two devices to help his heart function. When he started experiencing new symptoms, he knew to see a heart doctor again.

"When my wife and I moved back to Jacksonville, I was so weak and out of breath, I couldn 't help her move or unpack any of the boxes," Kohl said. After struggling for many years with his heart health, Kohl was referred by his electrophysiologist to Dr. Ambar Patel, a cardiologist at Ascension St. Vincent 's Southside.

After talking to Dr. Patel about his medical history and health concerns, he recommended a new medication to treat Kohl 's heart failure symptoms and told him about a heart monitoring device that helps better manage the health of patients who have heart failure and prevent worsening symptoms that may lead to hospitalizations.

Ascension St. Vincent's interventional cardiologist, Dr. Patrick Antoun performed a minimally-invasive procedure to implant the small, wireless monitoring sensor in the pulmonary artery that transmits blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, weight and pulmonary artery pressure readings from Kohl's home to their doctor in near real-time using Bluetooth-like technology. If the data shows Kohl 's heart condition worsening, the care team can proactively adjust his treatment plan to prevent complications and keep him out of the hospital.

"After the procedure, I got to go home the next day with after-care instructions and returned to normal activities," Kohl said. "Dr. Patel was very caring and patient. He took the time to discuss everything in detail with me, so I knew what to expect."

Once again, Kohl is enjoying life. He said he "hasn 't been back to the hospital since getting the implant." Kohl enjoys doing yard work, going for walks, and helping his wife around the house. He continues to manage his heart health by eating less salt, staying active, and following up with Dr. Patel and the care team at the Cardiac Transition of Care Clinic, a service that helps patients manage or transition their on-going care.

Kohl said he was very satisfied with the care he received. "I would recommend [Ascension St. Vincent 's Cardiology] to anyone. My experience was 10 out of 10."

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