Patient celebrates new lease on life after double hip replacement

56-year-old Tad Morgan has a new lease on life after his recent bilateral hip replacement.

Tad Morgan and Charge Nurse Briley Sutton celebrating Tad's recovery.


"Life now feels new. It's like I've started all over again."

56-year-old Tad Morgan has a new lease on life after his recent bilateral hip replacement.

"I was miserable. I could hardly do anything besides work, and even that hurt," Tad explains.

The pain started in his left hip three years ago, and it wasn't long before the other hip started hurting. He could barely walk, couldn't play with his grandkids, ride his bike, or even bend to tie his shoes.

After taking his concerns to his primary care physician, Tad was referred to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Peter Knoll. They discussed Tad's options and decided he needed to replace both hips.

While Tad was ready to no longer be in pain, he was worried his hips wouldn't go back to normal, but when he was up and walking the day after surgery, he felt at ease.

"The first thing I noticed was that my hips didn't hurt at all."

Nurse Briley Sutton says the patients she sees at the Ascension St. Vincent Orthopedic Hospital in Evansville are typically eager to get up after surgery because they've been told what to expect.

"We host a pre-op class, so patients know what to expect after surgery. Then, they are motivated to do their in-hospital therapy and get strong enough to go home."

Having worked with Tad, she says, he was no different.

"He was very motivated and happy-go-lucky. We love to be able to joke around and have fun with our patients."

The supportive environment the staff created is what encouraged Tad most.

"It felt like everyone from the doctors and nurses to the people bringing me my meals were all invested in my care and recovery."

Tad has recovered from surgery and is returning to the life he was used to living before the pain started. He can walk the stairs in his house with no pain or assistance, he's back in the gym, and most importantly, he can get on the ground and play with his grandkids again.

"Now, with some exercise, I'll be able to do anything I want."

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