Cardiothoracic Progressive Care Unit to further improve quality outcomes | Ascension

Cardiothoracic Progressive Care Unit to further improve quality outcomes

Ascension Via Christi St. Francis’ 4SW, formerly a medical/surgical unit, has been converted to a Cardiothoracic Progressive Care Unit.

The conversion, undertaken in response to the consistent growth of St. Francis’ Cardiovascular Service Line, is designed to further improve quality outcomes for patients undergoing structural heart, vascular and cardiothoracic procedures and surgeries.

The new 16-bed CTPCU, which features all private rooms, is being operated as an extension of the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit. Melinda Thompson, RN, will serve as the nurse manager for both units, under the direction of Matt Tyler, RN.

A physician and Nursing-led initiative, this added level of care is in keeping with the best practices of other high-performing heart care centers, says Missi King, service line director for Cardiovascular Services. “Historically, patients having these procedures have recovered in CTICU before transferring to 4SW or being discharged from the CTICU home or to the next level of care,” says King.

Medical advancements have led to changes in some patients' post-surgical care needs. The new unit will help ensure that patients get the right level of care for their individual needs by providing a new option. It also will help get patients out of the ICU faster or in some cases eliminate the need for an ICU stay altogether.

"With the creation of the CTPCU, we're hopeful to better optimize patient flow at a time when the need for us to do so is great,” says Bassem Chehab, MD, medical director for Ascension Via Christi’s Structural Heart program and Valve Clinic. “It will allow us to better offer individualized care to our patients and the community and further solidify Ascension Via Christi’s reputation as the center of excellence for cardiovascular care.”


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