50 Things You Can Do to Make Someone Feel Better

When someone needs help, it's common to wonder what you can do to pitch in. It can be hard to know where to begin. That's where we come in!

Check out our top 50 ideas for making someone feel better:

  1. Donate blood whenever you can, it may help a friend or family member in the future.
  2. Bake them a cake with a funny message on it
  3. Make them dinner
  4. Send them flowers
  5. Send them a card
  6. Send them a get-well text
  7. Send them an inspirational book
  8. Bring them a chocolate shake
  9. Tell them a joke
  10. Bake them chocolate chip cookies
  11. Send them a fruit basket
  12. Give them a gift certificate for house cleaning
  13. Make them a "feel better" mix CD
  14. Show them a puppy
  15. Sing them a song
  16. Take them on a picnic
  17. Volunteer for an organization/charity they care about
  18. Paint their nails/toenails
  19. Do a movie night with them
  20. Serve them breakfast in bed
  21. Give them a back/foot massage
  22. Read a book to them
  23. Bring them a good book to read
  24. Make them an origami flower
  25. Offer to babysit
  26. Take care of their pets
  27. Take their dog for a walk
  28. Send them a photobook loaded with great memories
  29. Slip an encouraging note into their lunchbox or purse
  30. Do some yard work for them – water plants, cut grass, clean gutters, etc.
  31. Bring them chocolate
  32. Give them a new nickname
  33. Play a board game with them
  34. Give them a hug
  35. Give them a high five
  36. Bring them coffee in the morning
  37. Give them art drawn by kids
  38. Compliment them on what they're wearing
  39. Buy them tickets to a musical
  40. Send a funny photo or video of yourself through a text or e-mail
  41. Get them a magazine subscription
  42. Throw them a surprise party
  43. Bake them banana bread
  44. Surprise them at work with lunch
  45. Send them a care package
  46. Give their kids a ride to school
  47. Play catch
  48. Leave them a voicemail in a funny voice
  49. Leave a surprise gift on their doorstep
  50. Write them an actual handwritten letter