Specialty Care

Sports Medicine and Sports Performance

Ascension’s sports medicine specialists bring the team to you when you have a sports injury or want to improve your sports performance.

About Sports Medicine and Sports Performance

Our Expertise

At Ascension, we see all types of teens and adults with a sports injury or performance concern. Our specialists create custom care plans for student and collegiate-athletes, professional competitors, or any adult who plays a sport recreationally. It's a team approach, and we work with you to eliminate physical and mental barriers. Our goal is to help you maximize your overall performance capabilities.

When a sports injury does happen and keeps you out of the game, we have the orthopedic surgeons, non-surgical sport medicine doctors, and athletic trainers (AT) who specialize in treating these injuries.  We consider your goals and provide performance medicine solutions. It's a combination of medical treatments, sports rehab, strength and conditioning, performance psychology, and nutrition counseling. Our doctors and ATs also provide practice and game-day medical coverage and concussion testing.