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Pregnancy and Birthing

Ascension is committed to providing the best in pregnancy and labor care, and to giving your baby a happy, healthy start in life.

About Pregnancy and Birthing

New moms now have many options for their pregnancy and delivery care. Ascension's caring, expert obstetric team works closely with you to help prepare you for labor and ensure your comfort.

Our obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine physicians are highly skilled in caring for both mother and child, especially those with complications or high-risk pregnancies. Using advanced diagnostic methods such as amniocentesis, genetic testing and detailed 4-D or 3-D ultrasound, our doctors can quickly pinpoint concerns and provide personalized treatment options.

When the day to meet your baby arrives, the Ascension team provides personalized care at every step. Our labor care offers safe pain management options, including epidurals, birthing balls and hydrotherapy tubs.

After your baby is born, we answer your questions about newborn care and provide ongoing support for you and your growing family.


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