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Employer Solutions

Business leaders can improve the health, confidence and overall productivity of employees with Ascension's integrated health and wellness services.

About Employer Solutions

It's no coincidence that as employee health and wellness increase, so do organizational performance and profitability. At Ascension, we offer businesses many healthcare and wellness initiatives that prevent workplace injury while promoting optimal health and well-being. 

Our staff can assess your business environment and recommend programs that address employee needs and reduce healthcare costs. We offer customizable health solutions, connect employees with healthcare specialists, and help you identify opportunities for improvement. Our dedicated professionals provide best-in-class delivery care models that include: care at one of our main locations, placement of healthcare staff within your business, and healthcare-event setup for your employees and dependents. We travel to your worksite and offer follow-up visits to monitor your program's progress. 

Decrease medical and insurance costs while empowering your employees to take control of their health. Let Ascension's corporate wellness solutions help you give your employees a safe, healthy workplace where they can thrive.


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