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Our podiatrists at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Milwaukee - Gateway offer non-surgical and surgical foot care solutions for children and adults

We can help correct your ankle instability and get you back to doing the things you love. Our care team delivers personalized care for your foot condition or injury. From foot fractures and ankle sprains to chronic conditions such as bunions or diabetic foot ulcers, we deliver care that’s right for you.

Foot Care Services for the Family

Our podiatrists and foot care team offer a wide range of treatment options for common and complex foot and ankle problems, including sprained ankles, stabbing heel pain, numb and tingling feet due to neuralgia, arthritic pain on the top and middle of the foot and hammertoes. Advanced surgical care options include:

  • Ankle or toe joint replacement
  • Cartilage implantation in the toe joint
  • Reconstruction surgery for ankle, foot or toe trauma or bone spurs or bunions
  • Wound care for hard-to-heal foot ulcers

Our care team provides exercises and therapies, orthotic fittings and gait assessments. Good foot care helps prevent serious injuries from falls and reduces stressors on the back and knees.

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